Richard C. Doty, self-claimed government UFO disinformation agent, a UFO charlatan and con man


Did Richard C. Doty ruin the life of Albuquerque businessman, Paul Bennewitz?

Richard C. Doty, self-claimed government UFO disinformation agent, a UFO charlatan and con man. 

He said:

“I do not have anything to do with UFO research or investigations.  I attempted to perform certain duties which would enable our team to trap possible foreign agents working against the interest of the United States.   My supervisors, however, saw my actions as being unauthorized.   Therefore, I was asked to leave AFOSI, which I did voluntarily”.

The UFO community has been familiar with Richard C. Doty, self-proclaimed “disinformation agent” who used to work as an AFOSI officer in Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Doty now goes by the name of Rick Doty on Facebook:

Most folks seem to agree that he indeed had a deep impact on the life of businessman Paul Bennewitz, owner of defense contractor THUNDER SCIENTIFIC LABORAOTORIES in Albuquerque located right next to Kirtland Air Force Base.


Richard C. Doty fed a lot of misinformation  (or, better yet, disinformation)  to Bennewitz which eventually caused Bennewitz’s mental deterioration and paranoia, to the point of hospitalization.  Doty’s claim was that he was part of the governmental ploy to detract attention away from Bennewitz’s interest in pursuing military research projects such as Project Starfire within the Kirtland Air Force Base.

Of course, it ended up with Bennewitz’s misinterpretation of what he witnessed there  (he began to be convinced that it was some kind of alien technology at work).

Doty cleverly capitalized on Bennewitz’ suspicion and fed him more disinformation which led to Bennewitz’ pursuit of unsubstantiated “Dulce Base” myth in northern New Mexico.


Here is a partial view of former Manzano underground nuclear storage facility, as seen from near Paul Bennewitz’s residence  (photo by Norio Hayakawa, CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT):

Northeastern edge of former Manzano underground nuclear storage facility,  not too far away from Paul Bennewitz’s residence   (photo by Norio Hayakawa, CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT):


(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – satellite imagery of former Manzano underground storage area, inside Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico)


The same goes for William L. Moore.  It seems to me that both William L. Moore and Richard C. Doty, together, or if not, individually, fed disinformation to Paul Bennewitz allegedly under the delegated authority from the CIA or NSA.

But this is simply their grandiose claims that they were officially assigned this task by these governmental agencies.

It is difficult to obtain any documented governmental evidence that they were officially part of that assignment (because there are no such documents).

It is likely that they did all that primarily on their own, and not officially sanctioned by governmental agencies.

By the way, it was in 1980  (the very same year of the publication of William L. Moore’s largely disinformative book THE ROSWELL INCIDENT – – co-authored with Charles Berlitz – – a book that propagated the Roswell alien “myth”)  that Moore visited Kirtland Air Force Base to collaborate on several additional “projects” with Richard C. Doty.

William L. Moore, another “self-claimed” UFO disinformation agent?

Paul Bennewitz passed away in 2003.

Bennewitz’s sons today operate the business but refuse to talk about their late father, since they are still doing business with the Air Force.

In his excellent book, “DULCE BASE: The Truth And Evidence From The Case Files of Gabe Valdez”, Greg Valdez, middle son of the late Gabe Valdez (New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of Dulce, New Mexico for many years) brings out some significant points:

He writes:

“The transfers of Maj. Earnest Edwards (Kirtland Security Police) and Richard C. Doty (of AFOSI) to Germany coincided with the involvement of Senator Peter Domenici in the mystery.

As his office began inquiries into the activities in Dulce to the Air Force, Richard C. Doty and Maj. Earnest Edwards ended up in Germany.

It was also at this time that Doty  ‘retired’  from the Air Force, and it appears from other evidence that he was forced out of the Air Force.

Senator Domenici was very influential with the Los Alamos and Sandia Laboratories, and his inquiries were more than likely what ended Richard C. Doty’s Air Force career.

What is also important to remember is that the NSA (as well as CIA) never obtains search warrants to place listening devices in homes.

Under the guise of ‘National Security’, they placed these warrantless bugs in Gabe Valdez’s and Manuel Gomez’s homes in Dulce, New Mexico.

That type of covert activity is usually conducted by the NSA or CIA, and usually outside the general working proceedings of the AFOSI.

It’s also something the CIA typically gets involved in, especially if the mystery aircraft (that allegedly crashed on Mount Archuleta, northwest of Dulce, New Mexico in 1983) was a CIA aircraft”.

I am just simply quoting from Greg Valdez’s book.


For a while, Richard C. Doty worked as a State policeman in the small community of Grants, New Mexico.

However, he is no longer associated with New Mexico State Patrol.

The problem with Richard C. Doty is that he was  (and still is)  spewing out UFO nonsense even after he became a State policeman, and even after he left.

To put it bluntly, he is a UFO Charlatan and a con man.

Recently he appeared on a short documentary called “MIRAGE MEN“.


It seems to me that this documentary was nothing but double-talk by Doty.

It seems to me that Richard C. Doty (with zero credibility) conveniently claims he promoted the UFO mythology bascially as a cover for secret aviation technologies developed during the Cold War.

(ABOVE, Richard C. Doty when he was with AFOSI at Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, New Mexico)


(“SOM 1-01, MJ-12 group Special Operations Manual”….most likely another of Richard C. Doty’s scams)

Yet he himself seems to be a firm believer in some of the very same UFO mythologies he claims he promoted, such as his claims that humans were genetically manipulated by extraterrestrials!!

The bottom line to all this is the question:

Was Richard C. Doty, while under the employ of AFOSI, fully responsible for ruining the life of Albuquerque businessman, Paul Bennewitz?

Of course, if he was, then some day soon Richard C. Doty will have to pay for what he has done!!

Whether or not Doty had a direct role in the following, here is a comment from R. Edmund Gomez, one of the sons of Manuel Gomez, proprietor of formerly the largest cattle ranch in Dulce, New Mexico:

“Based on his stated intentions, law abiding U.S. citizens were treated as “possible foreign agents” for defending their family and property.  Was breaking into civilian homes and stealing pictures and documents, planting electronic listening devices, making threatening telephone calls and, overall, violating basic U.S. civil rights part of his M.O.?  If so, he is a domestic terrorist, a criminal and coward and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!  Oh, by the way, he was commissioned a New Mexico State Police officer after being terminated from the U.S. armed forces for performing his atrocities. God help us”.

Please read this important item:


Again, here is what Richard C. Doty had stated:

“I do not have anything to do with UFO research or investigations.  I attempted to perform certain duties which would enable our team to trap possible foreign agents working against the interest of the United States.   My supervisors, however, saw my actions as being unauthorized.   Therefore, I was asked to leave AFOSI, which I did voluntarily”

But, was it too late?   Did Richard C. Doty already ruin the life of Albuquerque businessman, Paul Bennewitz?   The answer is affirmative.  Yes!!


Majestic 12, a UFO disinformation scandal

As I stated, Richard C. Doty now goes under the name Rick Doty and is on Facebook:

More on Richard C. Doty  (Rick Doty):

BACKGROUND ON THE MOORE-DOTY “DISINFORMATION” ACTIVITIES  – sent hoaxed material to APRO, the “Weitzel” letters:



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24 thoughts on “Richard C. Doty, self-claimed government UFO disinformation agent, a UFO charlatan and con man

  1. It’s relevant that Doty is reported to be – or have been – among The Aviary, a civilian committee of UFO investigators with deep ties to intelligence services. For example, Dr. Hal Puthoff (former NSA member, SRI ESP researcher, and current Advanced Propulsion / Warp Drive researcher with Dr. Eric W. Davis); Col. John Alexander, intelligence and mind control researcher, Jacques Vallee, well known UFO researcher and Computer Scientist, among others.


    There continues an informal mailing list of these members who merely CC: one another on UFO related matters. It’s a rather large list. Regardless, Doty and George Knapp are connected to this group. And it’s of interest that if Doty drove Bennewitz nuts with false documents and disinfo stories, it wasn’t Doty who started it. Bennewitz had already filmed objects in 8mm and Super8 prior to that. And he’d already built electronic equipment that he used to receive low frequency radio communications in the 200hz range. He also claimed to have received images and television signals, though at that range I’m not sure how it could have been done real time. Regardless, this led Bennewitz to investigate a reported abduction case, whereupon he had a woman hypnotized. She told a story of the base in Dulce, aliens working with humans, and vats with human body parts. It was at that time he wrote up a report and sent it to the Air Force, a Senator, and anyone else who would listen.

    Doty didn’t become involved until after the report filtered down the food chain to Kirtland. Thus, he could only have reinforced Bennewitz’s views. He didn’t create them.

    As you note, it’s also believed Doty was instrumental in disseminating the initial false MJ-12 documents that derailed UFO research for decades. People still cite it. And though Stanton Friendman – who wrote a book on the subject – has finally concluded they are bogus, he concludes that some kind of control group in government similar to MJ-12 must have existed. Though I don’t think he has any documents to prove it.

    Robert Hastings of, the UFOs and Nukes researcher, concluded that Bennewitz’s 8mm images were of something real. And that might have convinced AFOSI to neutralize Bennewitz. While Chris Lambright, who wrote a book on Bennewitz, concluded that his low frequency signals interceptions might have concerned the Air Force enough to neutralize him. Though given that low frequency signals at the time were primarily used for nuclear weapons equipped submarine communications, I’m not sure how that connects.

    It’s interested how Doty is connected to both Knapp and John Lear, both of whom were instrumental in disseminating Bob Lazar’s story. Which is almost certainly filled with disinformation. The whole ‘Element 115’ and ‘strong nuclear force gravity wave amplifier’ is utter nonsense. Yet Lazar seems genuine. At least, that he _believes_ the stuff he says. Which makes me wonder just what happened to the guy. It has parallels to the Bennewitz case.

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      • Thanks. But I don’t think I made my point clearly enough. It was a rather muddled comment.

        If you were to draw a historical line following Doty’s known disinformation career, I think it would run somewhat like this:

        – Derailing Paul Bennewitz’s work by building an interpersonal connection and disseminating false documents. Very successful.
        – Then derailing much of UFOlogy in collaboration with William Moore, though the anonymous dissemination of false MJ-12 documents on a role of 35mm film.
        – Then ingratiating himself with Linda Moulton Howe, who had produced a very successful television documentary on cattle mutilations. Interesting that she and Bennewitz were working the same story in the same region, though I know of no record of them having communicated. He offered her documents and USAF film of UFOs and a landing for an HBO special, but never provided the goods. Her documentary funding collapsed after he’d strung her along.
        – Then he went on air anonymously in shadow for – I believe – Unsolved Mysteries listing his name as one of the ‘Aviary’ members.
        – George Knapp and John Lear at about that time ingratiated themselves with Bob Lazar. Edward Teller supposedly arranged for Lazar to take a job at S-4 (Area 51). And Lazar then brought Knapp to the legal edge of Area 51 to take video of ‘strange lights’ flying in the sky for a television documentary he did. And he interviewed Lazar. In the years to come, Lazar would reveal his entire story in video segments produced by Knapp.
        – This is while Lear peddled an uncited version of the most lurid aspects of Bennewitz’s story among UFOlogy circles and on conspiracy radio.
        – Later, it becomes clear Puthoff, Alexander, Vallee, Knapp, and a bunch of others were working together behind the scenes. That’s after Puthoff had left SRI and gone on to focus on extending the Polarizable Vacuum idea with Haisch. Right about the time in 1988 when Kip Thorne and his graduate students decided to – on a lark – explore the potential of how to design a stable and traversable wormhole. And within a few years of Miguel Alcubierre’s undergraduate work on Warp Drive theory in 1994.
        – Which is right about the time when Robert Bigelow bought NIDS range and decided to fund research into UFOs for advanced propulsion studies in preparation to start Bigelow Aerospace. Who he just so happened to hire Puthoff as a science advisor. And Eric Davis.
        – Who along with Marc Millis got NASA to fund some of it on the public dime as part of their now defunct Breakthrough Propulsion Project. Which – ironically – was killed right after NASA investigated Millis for soliciting venture capital from Joe Firmage on violation of Intellectual Property rights.
        – And though NASA poo pooed the idea of reactionless thrust, they still continued Millis’ work with Harold White at the helm.


        When you start thinking about all that disinformation disseminated by Doty, and his connection to AFOSI, then joining the Aviary after he left the Air Force – along with Puthoff, Vallee, Alexander, and the use of Knapp as a publicity guy . Perhaps they were initially hoping to dupe Howe into that role also but hit the jackpot with a compliant and supportive Knapp. Well, considering all that I speculate these guys are closely connected to black funded Special Access Programs investigating advanced propulsion. And if so, their goal would be to throw off anyone in the public sphere who might threaten government and corporate secrecy regarding that project. They have both a National Security AND a Profit Motive in disseminating nonsense to protect their income flow and realizing potential profits long term.

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  2. I tend to think on the evidence that:

    1. Richard Doty is at least 2 and probably 5 years older than he officially admits

    2. Richard Doty is career CIA seconded semi permanently to DT2 aka DISC

    3. Richard Doty, Bill Moore and John Lear were all contact agents assigned to maintain the illusory “field” of UFOs for the two purposes of

    (a) concealing real Fortean phenomena (note well that prior to the CIA coined term “UFOlogy” all of what are now wrongly classified as UFOs were instead correctly categorised as type of Forteana)

    (b) concealing the true extent and capacity of non-public aircraft based on captured Nazi technology combined with Townsend-Brown and Tesla research.

    In much the same way many LAPD officers in sensitive roles have for decades actually been CIA lifers swapped in and out of the police force, Doty and others are “Air Force” by virtue merely of someone in the Pentagon who is in on the joke rubber stamping their sheep dipping through that service.

    Entire battaltions worth of personnel are CIA despite operating under official and “real” sounding military unit or detachment names.

    A correct detailed chronology catches all this data. First came Bennewitz capturing the lightships on film. Everything else was backfilled in afterwards as part of the disinformation campaign.


  3. […] Initially with Kirtland Air Force Base AFOSI around 1979, 1980 and 1981 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was not a high-ranking officer. He claimed that he participated in disinformation in official capacity, along with Moore. Again, there is no documentation that he participated in such disinformation ploy at Kirtland AFB AFOSI in any official capacity, even though Paul Bennewitz’ name and Doty’s name appear on one or two Kirtland OSI documents because Kirtland AFB invited Bennewitz to testify to what he allegedly was seeing over the Manzano storage areas. Later on Richard C. Doty became a promoter of the SERPO PROJECT (which some researchers seem to describe as being a total fabrication). Project Camelot seems to have bought Doty’s story hook, line and sinker. Presently he is working as New Mexico Highway Patrol Officer, just about to retire soon. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON RICHARD C. DOTY […]


  4. Richard C. Doty has been an effective b-s pro in this entire long-con of a civilian, and aggrieved family members, in the above tortured case of a misguided businessman soul, resulting in his sad death.

    All the Air Force and CIA needed to do was put a firm lid on the technical matters popping out of Kirkland AFB with Mr. Bennewitz. But no, they had other plans in a broader public campaign of UFO disinformation – their job – for the “greater good” regarding technical military secrets, so the vague tale goes.

    Mr. Doty’s calm, homespun demeanor and usual denials with kernels of truth here and there work well on film. Nonetheless, all of the wrong-doing, spook tactics, and outright illegal activities as an AFOSI UFO disinformation agent, does not absolve him, or his former superiors, of the guilt with the wrongful death of Paul Bennewitz. They really can’t explain it away either.

    Far from it. And hiding behind a badge in Grants will not save him and other old A.F./CIA cronies from the usual curtain call. All guff tabs get balanced and cleared for the old ledger – like it or not. Painful object lessons become legends too. Just watch.


  5. Richard Doty is guilty , guilty , guilty … But who cares , the people like you got what they wanted , and that is all that matters , right ? John Lear is one of the most accomplished pilots of all time . Bob Lasar is exactly who he says he is . Who the fuck are you , and what at have you done for your country that makes you so special ??? Kinda funny how now I can type just fine , without your program shut’n me down … Everything nowdays is a goddamn secret , ever noticed that ? When I was working at White Sands in a program that was developing medium range missile systems for Israel everything was secret and that made sense . Nowdays the TODAY show behaves as if everything is some secret . They tell us about some terrorist plot , but they never explain WHY something happened , only that it did happen . We The People do not have a need to know WHY something happened , all we need to know is that it did happen . Then we are expected to wave our flags … So get in lockstep and tow that line like a good American should ! I have a heart condition and I’m gonna be dead soon , then I will be with my brother Jesus and you the ” Powers That Be ” won’t matter to me anymore …


  6. Having spent a career on the U.S. Air Force, I have some insight on AFOSI “agents”. The vast majority of OSI investigations are either drug-related (which is why they are commonly referred to as “narcs”) or domestic abuse cases. Richard Doty is typical of the OSI agents walking around in cheap suits and sunglasses pretending that they are TV detectives and wishing that they were really “disinformation agents”. That Richard Doty was reassigned and then forced out of the Air Force only reinforces my belief that he let his imagination exceed his abilities.


  7. Richard Doty is correct, the FAKE ALIEN, MILAB ABDUCTION OPS are alive & ongoing!






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