A stronger, re-armed Japan is a must for Asia’s stability


A stronger, re-armed Japan is a must for Asia’s stability:

For too long, Japan has endured continual harassment from North Korea and even from Red China which keeps harping endlessly on Japan’s past atrocities in World War II and which seems to be the new bully of Asia.

Sure, what happened in World War II was atrocious.

Everybody knows that.

It was tragic and should not (and will never) under any circumstance, be repeated.

Yes, we must all learn from the mistakes of the past.

But we cannot forever only dwell in the past.

A few years ago North Korea test-flew its missile brazenly over Japan’s airspace.

And now North Korea is brazenly testing missiles that are landing in the Sea of Japan.

We must not forget that several years ago North Korea also had snuck past Japan’s maritime boundary line and abducted Japan’s citizens.

North Korea still refuses to publicly admit its criminal conduct and to properly disclose the whereabouts of the abductees.

It’s about time that Japan re-arm itself and join the ranks of adult nations that have proper and sufficient defense capabilities.

Needless to say, it has more than sufficient technological knowhow to create a decent, modern military force.

It’s about time that Japan scrap its outdated 1947 Constitution which was imposed upon immediately after World War II.

Revising the Article 9 of the 1947 Constitution (which prevents Japan from using war or military force to settle international disputes) is a must and Japan must be granted the right of collective self-defense together with the U.S. and other allies.

Japan must begin to arm itself sufficiently (even including nuclear capabilities) and assume more responsibility in this new century, lessening the burden for the U.S., and yet maintaining its position as a staunch ally of the U.S.

For too long, Japan has been seen simply as a self-serving economic monster whose sole interest was in becoming a dominant economic power, although it has proven itself a strong leader in cooperation and world (as well as regional) peace since World War II.

Times are changing. We cannot live in the past.

We cannot eternally go on living with a World War II mindset.

We are now faced with global terrorism and the continual threats from rogue nations that harbor terrorists, and harassments from the rising bully of Asia, Red China.


A stronger, re-armed Japan is a must for Asia’s stability

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