Family offered $5.2 M for land next to Area 51

Sixty years after the CIA and the Air Force found an old airstrip along the Groom Dry Lake bed to test the U-2 spy plane in 1955, the family that owns mineral rights to the Groom Mine and property within sight of the classified installation known as Area 51 has been given a final offer of $5.2 million to sell its stake in the land, Air Force officials said Friday.
Family offered $5.2 M for land next to Area 51:

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4 thoughts on “Family offered $5.2 M for land next to Area 51

  1. Okay, why would the Air Force make public such an ultimatum for purchase with a family that steadfastly refuses to sell? Further, outside of further expansion for security and research purposes for what reason do they really want this land…or did I answer my own question?


    • Thanks, Ed. I am so glad you saw my item. Well, as far as I can guess, the Air Force wants complete privacy for doing their things without any outside scrutiny, which, of course, I fully understand. Everyone knows that the facility could be easily observed from the Groom Mines, which is just a couple or three miles away from the facility. It seems that the Air Force is trying to take over the Nevada Wildlife Refuge also, in order to take control of the access roads that lead to the Tikaboo Peak, which is about 25 miles away, but still is a great location from which to observe the facility with the use of decent optical equipments.


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