UFO Culture – – Phil Schneider’s nonsense


UFO CULTURE – – – Phil Schneider’s nonsense

Information on PHIL SCHNEIDER, from a highly reliable source (a friend of mine who actually talked to Phil’s brother a few years ago, in total privacy) :


“Regarding Phil Schneider, I became aware of his story, I think in 1993 or shortly after that time, while we were living in Banner Elk, North Carolina, because someone had transcribed one of his talks and uploaded the text onto the then beginning Internet.

After reading it, I decide to do research, and contacted as many people as possible that were friends and relatives of his.
What I found out from his older brother George and sister Polly disturbed me.
Phil was a self mutilator and had cut his thumb off with a hack saw in the basement of his fathers house on the day of his sister’s wedding.
Polly told me this in a letter that she sent me after George and I talked on the phone.
George was in the Air Force, served in Vietnam, and at the time we talked was a sheriff on the Portland River Boat Patrol.

They both told me that Phil did none of things that he claimed, was not a geologist, had never worked for any of those companies, and could not keep a job very long, because of his mental instability.  There are untold number of people in the U.S. receiving SSI because of mental problems.  They are unable to get regular jobs.  It is indeed a sad thing.  But it should be understandable.

Phil Schneider mental illness SSI

He married after telling all these stories and that is why his wife believed them.
He usually started off his talks by saying that the major reason for going public was his best friend was murdered in a park and had been in the Air Force.
I contacted family and friends of that best friend and they all said that he had never been in the Air Force.

On and on it goes.
Because this story was posted when the Internet was just beginning in the 90’s it has taken on a life of its own and been copied and circulated over and over.
Circular knowledge is not knowledge at all, it is just repeating what someone else says.

Phil’s family are Jewish and came from Russia, and what really hurt and perplexed the family members in Oregon was Phil telling the world that his father served as an officer on one of the German U-Boats during WWII.

In reality his father along with his uncle were born and raised in Oregon, went to college and became medical doctors,
served in the USN and his father worked with folks in developing the first nuclear sub the Nautilus.

When Phil’s father died, Otto Oscar Schneider, Phil stole Navy blank letterhead paper from his dad and created letters using that stock and circulated and showed it to people at his conferences.
Phil and his friend who he says was in the Air Force created a newsletter and were doing research like all of us about UFO’s etc.
So why he went off the deep end and started telling all these stories is a mystery.”


Phil Schneider was found dead and it was ruled a suicide.

(I also had a chance to look at the Coroner’s death/autopsy report which was obtained by the late Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Patrol officer in charge of the entire Dulce region for many years…..Gabe Valdez had also come to the same conclusion and agreed with the Coroner’s report that the dead was ruled a suicide)

from Greg Valdez’s excellent book DULCE BASE.  (Greg Valdez is the middle son of the late Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of the Dulce area for many years):

Dulce Base Book


Cynthia Dryer was the person who actually came up with the murder theory.

Cynthia didn’t get this idea from actual evidence but from her mother, who had a psychic vision and concluded that Phil was murdered.

Cynthia also claimed that her dad, Frank Martain, was killed in Albuquerque in 1952 as part of another conspiracy involving the government.

Her inconsistent story also claimed that Phil’s hands were tied when he was found dead and then later claimed they were by his side.

Her story has many inconsistencies, making Phil’s involvement in Dulce extremely unlikely and not credible.

Cynthia Dryer quickly started requesting money in her correspondence with Gabe Valdez because, she claimed, Phil did not have life insurance.

Cynthia has provided much of the rumors about Phil.

There are claims that Phil was killed with piano wire, but the autopsy report clearly indicates that he died with surgical tubing around his neck.

The piano wire theory was part of the psychic vision and not actual evidence.

Take caution with any website or person claiming he was killed with piano wire, because he was not.”


I highly recommend Greg Valdez’ excellent book, “DULCE BASE”.

By the way, as far as the allegation that there is a joint U.S./alien underground base under Archuleta Mesa is concerned, there is absolutely no credible evidence for it. Phil Schneider’s story, no matter how fascinating it is, is simply his own personal account, with no credible documentary evidence whatsoever.

Moreover, Phil Schneider was never a part of the initial Dulce base rumors.
However he had already read many articles concerning the alleged Dulce Base by the time he came out into the scene in 1995 and started giving lectures.

(Phil Schneider no doubt became familiar with the stories of some of the enigmatic personalities behind the initial Ducle underground base rumors)

It was only in 1989 that Bob Lazar first came out with the story that there was an altercation between the U.S. military and “alien entities” in an underground installation. Lazar never specified any location.

Phil Schneider also heard about the Bob Lazar story.
Apparently, knowing that no one had yet come up with any claim of personal involvement in the alleged 1979 “altercation”, he conveniently cast himself into the scene, claiming that he was a survivor of the Dulce “Wars”.

In other words, “inspired” by Lazar’s tale, mentally unstable con artist Schneider somehow seemed to have succeeded in concocting his fanstastic tale.

It’s a brilliant fiction that has captivated a gullible segment of the so-called ‘UFO’ community.  It would make a great Hollywood movie.  

I would categorize him as one that suffered from a mental delusion:


Above photo:
Here is an interesting comment from “Questal” (Jason Bishop III, a.k.a., Tal Levesque, a.k.a., TAL), one of the original promoters of the Dulce Base story:


“Phil Schneider claims he was one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Greys and the US intelligence and military at the Dulce underground base.
Phil was found dead, January 1996, due to what some people like to claim “appears to be an execution style murder”.
Seven months prior to his death , Schneider did a lecture on the forces he had discovered at Dulce.
Tim Swartz writes that “Clackamas County Coroner’s office initially attributed Philip Schneider’s death to a stroke.”
Schneider was NOT murdered.
He suffered multiple physical illnesses (brittle bone syndrome – osteoporosis, cancer, injuries – Philip had missing fingers on his left hand).
He had intense chronic pain all of the time.
Officially, suicide was listed as the cause of death.
An autopsy was performed at the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s office in Portland, Oregon by Dr. Gunson, and she determined that Philip had committed suicide by wrapping a rubber cathater hose three times around his neck, and half-knotting it in front.

Phil told a nice story.
Phil Schneider did not tell his BOGUS Story till about 1995.
Phil had never heard of “Project Gasbuggy“. Yet he claimed to be a knowledgable “Geologist” and explosives expert.
Schneider was never able or willing to prove his allegations (e.g. showing the entrance to Dulce Base or where Tunnels he drilled were located).

Phil Schneider did repeat info about the Underground bases that was ALREADY in Print.
Phil Schneider did quote “word for word” material ALREADY written by other researchers.
Phil Schneider did NOT bring forward ANY new info, not already in circulation.
Phil Schneider DID put on a good show, for any NEWBIE to the Info.
He DID tie together many aspects of the material.
He did Correlate the Data into a Dramatic “Story” format that flowed well.
He put a personal face on all the material and that was compelling.
But, still he was weaving together lies and information already in circulation.
Such as:


Phil Schneider was connected to another Bull-Shit Con artist…. Al Bielek.
He said, “Richard Souder, a Ph-D architect, has risked his life by talking about this. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases.”
Well. Richard’s name is Sauder and he NEVER “worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases.”

Phil said, “They have laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day.”
That is CRAP.
Phil said, “The average depth of these bases is over a mile…”
That is CRAP.
Phil said, “They are all between 2.66 and 4.25 CUBIC miles in size.”
That IS REALLY Crap.

Phil said, “My Father, Otto Oscar Schneider, fought on both sides of the war. He was originally a U-boat captain, was captured and repatriated in the United States. ”
The simple answer to this one is that there was no U-boat commander in WWII with that name.
Only 2 commanders with that last name in the war; Herbert Schneider died while in command of U-522 and Manfred Schneider only commander the small XXIII boat U-4706 for the last 3 months of the war, never on patrol. This story is just that, a story.

Phil said, ” He (Phil’s father) was involved with different kinds of concerns, such as the A-bomb, the H-bomb and the Philadelphia Experiment. He invented a high-speed camera that took pictures of the first atomic tests at Bikini Island on July 12, 1946. I have original photos of that test, the photos show UFO’s fleeing the bomb site at a high rate of speed. ”
Oscar Schneider was a Captain in the United States Navy, worked in nuclear medicine.
PHIL did have photos from Operation Crossroads.

His father died in 1993, Philip discovered the photographs in his father’s basement. But…NO test was done on July 12, 1946. The Crossroads tests were the fourth and fifth nuclear explosions (following the Trinity test and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki). * Test Able, was on 1 July 1946. * Test Baker, was on 25 July 1946

Phil said, ‘I got shot in the chest with one of their weapons, which was a box on their body, that blew a hole in me and gave me a nasty dose of cobalt radiation. I have had cancer because of that.”
Radioactive cobalt is used for commercial and medical purposes. Exposure to high levels of cobalt can result in lung and heart effects and dermatitis. Phil may have gotten his exposure to cobalt by undergoing radiation the therapy treatment of deep-seated cancer.
But, there are NO “Cobalt Weapons” except in “Flash Gordon” stories.

Later, Phil said, “Right now I am dying of cancer that I contracted because of my work for the federal government. ”
Phil said, he had “a Ryolite-38 clearance factor – one of the highest in the world.”
Ryolite was a Top Secret surveillance satellite system developed at TRW. Rhyolite refers to SIGINT (signal intelligence) satellites. Phil was NOT involved with this type of work.
He did NOT have a Ryolite clearance.
Later, Phil said, ” I cut up my security card and sent it back to the government”.
Too bad, there goes another thing that Could have been useful to his story (lets say “his Lies“.)
Phil said, ” “Saddam Hussein killed 3.5 million Kurdish people….”
WRONG…..try more like 5000 civilians.

Phil said, That Government Agents asked him NOT to show the “Classified” photos of “Operation Crossroads” NUKE Tests, in public.
Phil showed the “authentic” Original Photos any way and after his death…the Photos were “Missing”.

Phil was a friend of Ron Rummel.
Ron was found in a park in Portland in Sept. 1993 (according to Cynthia Schneider Drayer).
The police believed that he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth.
Ron, Philip, and 5 other people had been collaborating on a little magazine called “The Alien Digest”.
It was starting to get a fairly wide circulation, when Ron was found in the park.
Philip felt that his friend had been murdered.


By the way, for more on Jason Bishop III (a.k.a., Tal Levesque, a.k.a., TAL), click and READ:

THE MYSTERIOUS JASON BISHOP III (a.k.a., Tal Levesque, a.k.a., TAL), one of the original promoters of the “Dulce Base” story

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42 thoughts on “UFO Culture – – Phil Schneider’s nonsense

    • (a post from the Alien Casebook):

      “The numerous lies and fabrications of Phil Schneider’s are so multiple and so atrocious that they need to be explained away and this can simply be done looking at the dates and his age at time of death.
      Before I begin on Phil Schneider, something else more recent has come to my attention that needs dismissing right off the bat.
      These are the kinds of things that keep conspiracy theories (including Phil’s) active and are just more lies piled up on the old ones.
      There is a website called Phil Schneider Memorial.
      They’re actually calling it a website for a murdered patriot.
      If Phil Schneider is a patriot of anything, he’s a patriot of disinformation.
      What this particular individual did who started this website after Phil’s death is re-promoting the old Alien Digests who were assembled by another man named Ron Rummel.
      Mr. Rummel committed suicide by placing a gun in his mouth.
      Once again, they’re calling it murder.
      At the top of the website it even states this here below.
      Phil Schneider’s best friend Ron Rummel published these periodicals until he was murdered on August 6, 1993.
      Ron Rummel, the (again supposed – no proof of such) ex-air force intelligence agent who published Alien Digest, shot himself in the mouth with a pistol on August 6, 1993.
      I could go full circle and show you how Phil Schneider was already wrapped up in the work of Ron Rummel in the 1990’s that led to his lie riddled speeches.
      This would also show you more works of fiction that are printed as fact throughout the Internet such as the three volume series of The Universal Seduction Book, edited by Rev. Robert Hanzel, of the Aquarian Church of Universal Service, which nobody but Mr. Hanzel benefited from.
      Everything ended up in books after books after books from offshoots of the Aquarian Church.
      Because that whole batch of conspiracies, which also include Robert Hanzel, Paul Shockley and an individual named Creston (who is actually Ron Rummel) I’m going to cut to the quick.
      After doing so, only then I’ll go into the depth of why Phil Schneider’s words (EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM) need to be dismissed and removed from the realm of a conspiracy theory since they were nothing more then lies.
      One last thing I will mention is that all of the individuals above all live or work in McMinnville, Oregon.
      Just a little too coincidental for this me.
      McMinnville, Oregon is home to the famous Trent sighting.
      This I’ll talk about as well since this UFO story from the 1950’s, which is the platform that most UFO trekies lean on, especially if they live in Oregon.
      Even that UFO has been debunked many times.
      Cutting to the quick
      Phil Schneider was nothing more than a narcissistic liar and fabricator.
      The proof of Schneider’s lies is in the math.
      Take Phil’s age and his time on various jobs he claimed to do, certainly try and consider time at college for his supposed degrees, which never existed anyway so scratch the college time and you’ll see that he would have been 17 years old when he went to work for the government. Phil stated that he worked at Dulce in 1979.”


      • from a post in the Internet (Alien Casebook):

        “Phil Schneider was nothing more than a narcissistic liar and fabricator.
        The proof of Schneider’s lies is in the math.
        Take Phil’s age and his time on various jobs he claimed to do, certainly try and consider time at college for his supposed degrees, which never existed anyway so scratch the college time and you’ll see that he would have been 17 years old when he went to work for the government.
        Phil stated that he worked at Dulce in 1979.
        1979 – worked at Dulce
        1947 – born
        32 – Phils age while at Dulce
        1981 – Last job
        1947 – born
        34 – Age when Phil ceased working (went on SSI)
        17 – Years Phil claimed he worked in government

        17 – How old he would have been when he went to work in the government.
        Where are his college years in those 17 years?
        There aren’t any however he claimed to be an Aerospace Engineer, Structural Engineer, Geological Engineer. Schneider is a mockery to the UFO Community.
        Just listen to that 1995 YouTube of Phil’s speech and see for yourself that he doesn’t have a clue and dances around all over the place re-instilling old conspiracies of which half don’t even exist and were the fabrications of others like William Cooper, etc.
        Phil simply worked for the Army Corp of Engineers and nothing more.
        This information is available through Social Security records as is everything else about Phil Schneider.
        The key here though is why didn’t Phil ever say the words, “ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS” in any of his speeches?
        Because he was hiding the truth amongst his many, many lies.
        Phil died by his own hands.
        If anything, that rubber hose around his neck (which wasn’t a wire by the way) was put there by himself letting people think he was murdered because he was dying anyway and he knew it.
        Schneider never let ANYONE ever see any of the supposed multi-thousand page government documents because they never existed.
        Instead, he went out in what was to look like a suicide so people would think differently.
        People like Schneider is what keeps the UFO Community from going forward.
        They make it look just a bit too kooky so NOBODY LISTENS to the truth when it is stated.
        We don’t need these lies.
        One would think that after 31 previous speeches that he would have had his spiel down pat.
        However, it’s as wishy washy as the rest of the speeches.
        It makes little to no sense and he bounces around like a rubber ball in a multitude of directions with really no substance on any one topic.”


      • Does anyone have access to any other speeches other than the YouTube ones? Even audio only?
        Let me know for I’m doing my own homework on phil.


      • >Phil Schneider was nothing more than a narcissistic liar and fabricator.

        I like such straightforward statements, true or false, I like it.
        Now, two questions:
        What college, if any, did Mr. Schneider attend?

        Never heard him speaking of a college, maybe as Mr. Lazar his educational background is not traditional, as far as I remember one beardy scientist searched for records and reported none, but does this make Mr. Lazar a fabricator also?


      • A lot of people joined the military at the age of 16 & 17 back then. All of these educated people who are spreading the word keep dying unexpectedly as they mysteriously become suicidal……….yeah, not buying it. It’s some big coincidence.


  1. wow norio youre research has paid off if all you have uncovered is real then dulce stories is wrong and even youre friend anthony sanchez book is wrong about the kernel that said phil worked at dulce


    • Thanks, Nick, for your comment. Just because I have presented this article does not prove that there is nothing in Dulce. I have stated time and time again that there COULD be “something” in Dulce. What that “something” is I still do not know. It’s possible that at one time there could have been an off-site CIA operation on the north slope of Mt. Archuleta (on the Colorado side) involving some tests of some type of CIA aircraft, as Greg Valdez suggested. I simply do not associate Phil Schneider having anything to do with Dulce.


  2. Still trying to discredit a deadman? Phil clearly had both thumbs in his videos.
    In his obituary, it states where he worked and he in fact….. worked for Morrison Knudsen .
    Your reliable source isn’t so reliable……..


  3. I thought that Philip Schneider was all about the truth, now seeing these accusations I have doubts, however I still believe the man. He speaks as a troubled soul in a crazy way, but this cannot prove untruthfulness.
    Mr. Hayakawa, tell me what is the first word that comes to you in case all the info you shared turns out to be disinfo? I mean, do you have (as I do) doubts in the contrary i.e. Mr. Schneider not lying?


    • Thanks for your comment. Most of my postings are based on my conviction that there has yet to be a definite, tangible, physical as well as irrefutable documentary evidence that we have ever been visited by physical aliens in physical spacecraft of any kind.


      • Fair enough, however the thing that makes me angry is quite the same when applied to a person being accused of insanity and lying, where is the “definite, tangible, physical as well as irrefutable documentary evidence” Mr. Schneider was a liar? How do we know officer Valdez says the truth either?! Even if a dozen of army/police officers say so it is not in any way … reliable, to me at least.

        My point, the most awful thing is slandering a man who dared to confront powerful and unforgiving entities, I mean, secret agencies and what not, oh, and … supposedly deadly aliens.

        And Mr. Hayakawa, my wish was you to rethink the “solidity” of “evidences”, there is possibility you to be mislead by disinfo, nothing to fear, but when a human being is accused this is damn serious – his whole life/name and hopes are degraded. See, believing in someone’s lies is not so bad – (A PASSIVE mistake), but accusing someone lying has the potential the accusator to be wrong – (AN ACTIVE mistake), *then the nonour of the latter goes out of the window*.

        And on aliens note, let me share a bit of true info, again, who knows whether I lie! Anyway, one very respected by me person (from Russia) told me that after MANY debriefings (done after completed missions) of Russian cosmonauts they described being harassed by UE (Unidentified Entities) within the space modules with quite a diverse range of anomalies and “tests”. She was an internal, along with a general (married to a relative of hers), in Baikonur space-launching-site. I mention this because no one (except a small group) will care or believe, but guess so, it doesn’t matter since truthful things need no proving – this is a LAW! Yet in our world where disinformation is at each step and GOOD WILL is lacking, people want proofs and genuine documents.


  4. The commenter stating that Phil had both thumbs made me check. Looks like someone is lying about the self mutilation thumb hack story, and I hope it isnt you Norio. And if it isnt you I no longer have any faith in your sources, all too obviously fishy. And ignoring this point and trying to deflect is digging a bigger hole regarding your investigative credibility. Still undecided about Phil though, but you and your sources flat out lying with actual proof (such as what you seek), of lying about the thumb makes me think you either have an agenda or you dont bother doing your research correctly. Come on, to not fact check when there is a way to do so with available data (lecture videos) is just sloppy. If Phils wife is financially driven than that is sad, but not as sad as an investigator not digging deep enough and fact checking. Two wrongs dont make a right, and you sir aren’t in the right either which is a shame. All the best to you.


    • also, to add to my previous comment (and in reply to this claim that Phil had both thumbs still)…yes, Phil definitely *did* cut off his thumb. the thing is, he didn’t cut it all the way off, just the first part of it. if you go to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xedmfAgx8eg and pause it at 41:56 you can clearly see that he has some thumb, but he is also definitely missing some of it.

      it isn’t exactly hard to see his hand if you just watch the video…so it would be a pretty stupid lie to say that his thumb was missing if it wasn’t, given the fact that his videos have been posted all over the internet (the one I linked to has over 450,000 views, so a lot of people have seen it…)


  5. richard doty (AFOSI spook and disinformation agent) also copped to making up the whole thing about the Dulce base when he was fucking with Paul Bennewitz and lying to him, feeding him lines about how aliens were going to invade and were working with the US gov’t (see the documentary Mirage Men where doty admits to all of this as well as other lies he made up). Exactly the kind of stuff that Phil Schneider was saying (and that I think Bob Lazar said, too, although I don’t know as much about him). I also think that Schneider is mentally unbalanced – I’m not a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, but I have taken some courses in abnormal psychology and diagnosis and have considerable working knowledge of what mental illnesses look like – and something about Phil’s demeanour looked to me, at least, like someone in a manic state, or perhaps narcissistic fantasy – his story involving him being the guy who killed aliens and being the first guy to see the aliens underground – smacks of the kind of egotism that is stereotypical of this kind of disordered thinking. as does the paranoia that he espouses. I know that some people’s hackles will be raised by mentioning psychiatry – and I admit it definitely has its flaws (Ian Hacking’s looping effect comes to mind – whereby the discourse that comes out of the practice of psychiatry helps to shape or construct the disorders it purports to treat (stuff like this is why I ultimately decided not to pursue it further)) I do think it can still point to something real, some of the time, and I think this might be one of those times.

    tl; dr – it’s quite possible, and I would argue likely, that richard doty is the source of this whole thing about the underground alien base in Dulce (again, see the documentary Mirage Men where he admits to making up this lie and other lies)


  6. […] By the way,there are tens of thousands of folks who have to rely on Social Security Supplementary Security Income (SSI), for various legitimate reasons, including those with mental illnesses or those who have become mentally ill. It’s a sad situation. But it’s the reality. Phil Schneider was one of them: https://noriohayakawa.wordpress.com/2015/12/21/phil-schneider-his-mental-illness-and-ssi/ […]


  7. Do you know who’s full of shit? Anthony Sanchez. In ufo hwy the colonies states that he was the retired fib agent Phil was hanging with when he was shot at. Wait Norio didn’t you endorse his book? What’s your opinion of the colonial..?


    • Just because I wrote a forward to Anthony Sanchez’s fascinating book, UFO HIGHWAY, does not mean that I believe everything in that book. As I clearly stated in the forward, there is not a single, physical, tangible as well as irrefutable documentary evidence whatsoever that there is a physical underground base in or near Dulce.
      Please read the forward to that book.
      Despite that, I believe the book is worthy of reading from a psychological point of view since it is about beliefs and how beliefs could affect some people.
      As far as the alleged colonel is concerned, likewise, as far as I am concerned, there is no credible, irrefutable documentary evidence whatsoever.


  8. You realize everything you wrote is heresy, right? As opposed to other people, like Phil’s wife, who are direct sources on this topic. And BTW, the only George Schneider formerly of the Air Force that you can find on Google lived in Ohio and fought in WWII. Just spent another 5 minutes in the middle of typing this continuing to look but there’s no record online of a George Schneider of the Air Force living in Oregon. Google George Schneider Portland, theres nothing. Lol in fact, the only reference to a George Schneider of the Air Force living in Portland is this page. Are you sure your sources are real? Because until you give last names and until they become available sources on this topic to anyone but you, none of us can be sure that they’re real. All indications seem to be that they don’t exist. But apparently ‘they told [you],’ as you stated over and over, so it must be true, right? Seriously though, to anyone reading this, don’t believe a god damn word of this rando on the internet claiming to have talked to family members when he has no definitive proof whatsoever. And the SSI check you posted…. doesn’t indicate anywhere on it what it’s for. Mental health isn’t the only reason people receive those. And with all of this said, I don’t believe Phil Schneider 100% or even 50%. He was wrong that people were gonna start being shipped to FEMA death camps by railcars equipped with shackles before the end of the year. I highly doubt he survived the Dulce fight, if it was even a real thing. And I came to this page with all of my skepticisms about Phil in hand. This article just doesn’t cut it as a legitimate source on the topic. At all. Anyone who knows the importance of citing your sources should be able to figure that out.


  9. Just came across your excellent site while watching the History Channel which mentioned Schneider in glowing, awe struck terms. While researching it, I found you.

    The public and UFO researchers in general, go into this business with the prejudicial attitude, that because the universe is so vast, there must surely be some aliens visiting the Earth, etc. so as long as the “cases” mesh with their beliefs, it must be true.

    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to going over your articles in more detail.


  10. Fair is fair. I tend to be highly skeptical about anything published concerned with UFO’s or aliens. Precisely because there are so many kooks and crazies out there angling for publicity. But “skewing” an article, while standard in the world of journalism, offends me. As a journalist, every contract I ever had gave me the right to “opt out” of an assignment which I felt I could not cover dispassionately.

    You portray Cynthia Dryer as the purveyor of a lot of misinformation as well as a scrounger for money. You also bring up the issue of “piano wire” which she never claimed. She also mentioned psychics only as an afterthought in her statement. Never giving them undue weight. Here is her quite credible report. Which also should be included in a fair weighing and balancing of this story


    For me as a journalist, I would have grabbed on to the issue of his mutilated hand … and tracked it down like a bloodhound. As far as I can see .. that hand and the scars on his chest are the only verifiable clues we have to the whole incident. That’s where the pressure should have been applied.


      • That bottom line of yours doesn’t really take into account people’s desire to explain the phenomenon of aerial craft. It sounds like you’re implying that because we haven’t proven the origins of UFOs, we shouldn’t bother speculating on it. Not to mention, for a lot of people it’s not speculating to consider the testimony of thousands of people in recent history who have spoken about encounters with aliens. Your personal close-mindedness is a horrible justification for quelling other people’s curiosity on this subject. And if you happen to be the OP, please clarify what George and Polly’s full name’s are (cuz I assume Polly may have married) and how you got in touch with them. There are serious journalistic integrity questions about the way the facts in this article are presented. Also, I like how when you were previously questioned on the validity of this article, you make no effort to defend the facts you put forth and instead just refer to this ‘no credible evidence’ mantra. As if classified knowledge of UFOs was something you could confirm the existence of on Snopes.


      • Cool, you linked me two more articles of nobodys ranting about Phil with no conclusive evidence that they’re willing to share. The second article had a link to nowhere that was supposed to show his autopsy report. Look, I have no special attachment to Phil Schneider but it’s pretty weird to see you write an article about Phil including the testimony of two people who you can’t prove exist and then tell me there’s no use discussing his claims when I challenge you on them. Either back up that Polly and George are real or take down the article. I’m not here to prove Phil Schneider right or credible even, I just wanna know why you’re writing articles about him 20 years after his death and using made up sources. If you can’t defend your article but you just wanna argue that there isn’t a Dulce base, then take down this article and write a new one detailing all the efforts made to debunk a base underneath Dulce. I mean, there have been specific and thorough efforts to debunk the Dulce base, right? You wouldn’t just be writing off something as having no credible evidence when there’s been no effort to prove it either way, would you?


  11. What a lot of people fail to realize is, UFO simply means Unidentified Flying Object; it doesn’t mean an alien space ship. While I believe that this vast and uncharted universe contains many systems that support life, both advanced of us and behind us, doesn’t mean that every light that flits across the sky is an alien craft visiting us.


  12. Two claims that made me very skeptical were a) Being an engineer being lowered into a drilled hole and engaging a “large grey” alien in a shootout with a handgun. How wide was this hole to begin with? If the army is sufficiently concerned to have troops around the drill site, why weren’t they lowered in the hole 1st? Why is an engineer carrying a gun? Why is the government taken by surprise in drilling into a alien den? If you are an alien with superior intelligence why establish your base near or under a DUMB? Why hide underground at all?

    b) Phil makes reference to professional fraudster Billy Meier, he who claimed to have been taken on alien ships, went to distant galaxies and even took photos. Problem is that Billy’s photos were taken from NASA videos and dinosaur books. Schneider’s identifying with Meier seriously detracts from his potential legitimacy, in my opinion.


  13. maybe phil is telling lies but i know there are small large eyed humanoids with technology to make themselves vanish. my shock was aped by the entity, which strangely, stopped me from challenging it. it was able to hear me call out, “keiran, keiran” it was looking at the sky through frosted glass on the back door, then turned (when i thought it was my friend’s brother sleepwalking and called his name-keiran) i was 16 years old then and was diagnosed with aspergers 4 years ago aged 32 and i think the being knew of my condition and the two are linked in some way.


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