UFOs and Aliens……exploitation of the Space-age Mythology by the U.S. intelligence community


UFOs and Aliens

UFOs and Aliens…..exploitation of the Space-age Mythology by the U.S. intelligence Community

Despite what the proponents of UFOs as definitive evidence for extraterrestrial visitation say, the overwhelming, vast majority of the world’s reputable astronomers and scientists (who seem open to accepting the likelihood of the existence of intelligent life elsewhere besides our Earth in this vast universe) seem to remain skeptical of UFOs as evidence of such visitations to our planet.  The bottom line is that we have not yet been presented with any globally accepted physical, tangible, solid, as well as irrefutable documentary  evidence of such, so far.

In this context, UFOs, therefore, still seem to remain the Space-age mythology.

UFOs Space Age Mythology

It seems like it’s pure entertainment to some folks, and to some other folks, it seems to have become a temporary escape from the harsh reality of this material world.

“For close to 70 years the interepretation of “things” seen in the sky has led to mythology about “aliens” and their “spacecraft”.  These myths have become fused with images from science fiction and enhanced by spiritual mysticism.

Anomalous events in the sky are enlarged by anecdotal stories and conspiracy theories of “Space Gods” coming to earth for either salvation or destruction.” (Jack Brewer).

Jack Brewer

Astronomical events or phenomena have been misinterpreted throughout mankind’s history as something supernatural.  Thus, in the 20th Century, it has brought about the birth of a Space-age mythology.

“Can “lights in the sky” really save us from the modern world?

A genuine mystery may lie at the heart of humankind’s fascination with the unknown, but the public perception of whatever phenomena it may include has been exploited, distorted and manipulated for a variety of reasons.  The perpetrators span several demographics, including the intelligence community, hoaxers, disingenuous writers, con men and, in all reasonable likelihood, lunatics, among others.”  (Jack Brewer)

(It has been a good business for professional UFO charlatans and the UFO industry).

“I think it likely the mid 20th century U.S. intelligence community conducted a variety of deceptive operations mistaken for UFO-related phenomena.  Some of those operations were intended to create confusion surrounding airborne objects.  However, I am reasonably confident in some of the cases it was colorful writers and overactive imaginations, not intelligence officials, that encouraged the public to prematurely conclude phenomena, such as the so-called ghost rockets, had something to do with extraterrestrials.  I do not think it was the specific intent of the architects of the operations, at least not always. Sometimes it was just a byproduct.  Other times it appears to have been more intentional.”   (Jack Brewer)


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3 thoughts on “UFOs and Aliens……exploitation of the Space-age Mythology by the U.S. intelligence community

  1. The exploitation of belief in UFOs and Aliens has become a new form of 19th century Spiritualism, a neo-Spiritualism if you will, where quantum mysticism and pseudo-science along with hypnotic regression as a sacrament are used to fleece a new generation of believers eager to abandon reason and critical thinking for a sense of community and false enlightenment.


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