Why “UFOs” will never become the top nightly TV news story


It is a sad fact, especially for die-hard “UFO believers” that UFO sighting news have never been (and will never be) treated as the top headline story in most national and local nightly TV news.
And, if any, most of the time such news stories about UFO sightings come at the very end of the half-hour nightly national or local TV news.
Never have they been the top news story.

Usually the news anchor makes a cynical, smart-alecky and (most of the time) comical remarks about the sighting or about the subject matter in general.
And then, usually all of the anchors end up together with a laughter.

Even this recent story  (December 16, 2017 – – Pentagon spent $22 million on UFO research between 2007 and 2012)  was not treated as the top story of the night:

Why is it so?
Simply because the mainstream news media still consider and categorize the subject of “UFOs” as part of Pseudoscience (akin to “fringe” topics or “beliefs”).

The news stations seem to do its best to avoid any ridicule.
And so they have no choice but to treat such news with a “light-hearted” attitude.


It is a convenient way to end the nightly news on a “light” note, a break from “serious” and increasingly depressing subject matters such as economy, politics, wars, terrorism, crime, environmental destruction, ad infinitum.
The subject of “UFOs” occupies the very end of a long list of all available topics, and usually only as a “filler” if they can’t find any other items to bring the half-hour news program to a close, on a rather “happy” or “light-hearted” tone.

We all hope that some day in the future, UFO news will become a top story in the nightly news program.
But, will that day ever come?

Probably not.

As I stated elsewhere many many times, I am a realist who believe that the UFO phenomenon itself seems to be real.   But to me, UFOs do not represent conclusive evidence of physical extraterrestrial visitations by physical extraterrestrial, biological entities in physical extraterrestrial spacecraft of any kind.  There is more to this phenomenon than the ET hypothesis.  I am also highly skeptical of the existence of authentic UFO artifacts.



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