Bad UFOs: Critical Thinking About UFO Claims…..a must read book by Robert Sheaffer

Bad UFOs

A must read book:

Bad UFOs: Critical Thinking About UFO Claims  (by Robert Sheaffer)

This book covers the broad outline of contemporary Ufology….sightings, photos and videos, saucer crashes, UFO abductions, conspiracies, disclosure, etc…with everything brought up-to-date as of the date of publication (January, 2016)…..Betty and Barney Hill, the Phoenix Lights, Travis Walton, Rendlesham Forest, Roswell ‘crash’, Leslie Kean, etc. :

In this book Sheaffer goes into the discussion of Betty and Barney Hill, the Phoenix Lights, “mystery” missiles off the coast near Los Angeles, Richard Hoagland, Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project” and ET Contact Protocol, Trent UFO photos, Heflin UFO photos, Travis Walton, Exopolitics, Rendlesham Forest, Roswell “crash” and Roswell slides, ‘Fly UFO’ video from Chile and Leslie Kean, Whitley Strieber, “Planet X”/Nibiru and many more.


“No matter what you ultimately believe about UFOs, there is no doubt that critical thinking is important.  There are those who urge their audiences to believe almost anything and certainly much of ufology makes an easy target.  Claims about the “Roswell Slides” were readily disproven although most who were involved in it remain on the circuit today; many have concluded that Billy Meier really did not meet people from the Pleiades but his representative is still featured on talk shows or podcasts; and the times must have bypassed George Adamski because he is not even indexed here although his photos may have inspired the cover of this book.  Still, it’s hard to attend any UFO conference without running into those who use hypnotic regression to uncover the latest abduction scenario or assure us that disclosure will soon be coming.

What are we to make of it all?  In many ways, the phenomenon remains as much out of reach today as it did when Kenneth Arnold reported seeing objects that flew like a saucer skipping across the water.  But amid all the claims, Sheaffer offers a much needed critical voice and is not afraid to take on some of the cases that are often touted:  from Rendlesham Forest to the abductions of the Hills or Travis Walton.

For those who believe in UFOs as craft from another star or dimension, it is not enough to simply dismiss his work as being that of a “debunker” (the ultimate insult in many circles).  Carl Sagan observed that extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof, but regardless of the type of proof it is important to look carefully at any claim – even if that means challenging your own beliefs you will learn something in the process.

For those who who are intrigued about the subject but wonder who to believe, the book provides a good introduction that might spur your own thinking or lead to further research.  Indeed, many of the topics that Sheaffer discusses are worthy of a book or two in themselves, so look upon it as a starting point for thought or discussion.

The book is written in a style that is easy to read and Sheaffer encourages your own research by suggesting Internet search terms with a bold typeface.  I may not always agree with some of his conclusions – I am sure that he would not want you to accept all of his conclusions without further thought – but his research is solid and his point of view should be considered by all with an interest in the phenomenon.

UFOs have defied both skeptics and true believers but the beginning point should always be critical thought.  Without that you will end up with a pile of nothing and will be exploited or manipulated in the process.  To this end, Sheaffer is an interesting and entertaining guide.”

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