Project Gasbuggy and the mystery of the Dulce, New Mexico triangle

earthquake maps

So what happened in 1966 in Dulce, New Mexico?   A claim has been made that a large and suspicious number of earth tremors and quakes were experienced in high density around Dulce in 1966.  And the report seems to suggest suspicious and secret Government work as being the likely cause.

Here is a fascinating report which was posted several years ago on the Internet by an anonymous researcher who only went by the name of Firefoot:

(Please try to see the following in the satellite imagery mode, if possible) :

This researcher, Firefoot, apparently studied the earthquake epicenters in and around Dulce from January 23, 1966 to December 10, 1967.  Apparently unusual “earthquakes” were occuring in these areas nearly a year before Project Gasbuggy took place on December 10, 1967!!

On January 23, 1966 a 5.1 magnitude earthquake (Intensity VII) shook Dulce, New Mexico at 01:56:38.  This earthquake affected to some extent almost every house in Dulce and damaged chimneys throughout the area.  Property damage was estimated then at about $200,000:

Then, almost a year later, on December 10, 1967  the U.S. exploded a nuclear device a mile and a half underground, about 22 miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico… was called Project Gasbuggy and was explained by the U.S. Government as an experiment that would help ease the flow of natural gas trapped under hard, tuffa rocks in the entire region……it was an explosion of 30 megaton bomb, which caused a 5.10 magnitude earthquake in the area, extending all the way to Farmington.

underground explosion


Underground nuclear explosion near Dulce, New Mexico on December 10, 1967

This anonymous researcher, Firefoot, covered all known earthquake information from a point that extends 50km in every direction around the coordinates 37.052N, 106.907W.

He states that for some reason, 95% of the earthquakes occured between 1966 and 1967.

He states that it is possible that there was underground construction occuring.

He then made the map using the USGS/NEIC data.

As you go to his above link, he points out that Red “tacks” show coordinates where MULTIPLE earthquakes occured.  Blue “tacks” show places where there was one earthquake only.

He made black grid lines to connect lines of more than TWO earthquakes which happened to happen along a meridian.

He says that the chances of there being so many lines of more than two earthquakes is statistically nil!!

The green and red lines show locations between places where multiple earthquakes occurred where they just happen to measure into perfect triangles.  (As stated, lines of these two triangles are marked with green and read.)

“Very strange to say the least!” he says.

He believes explosives and RAND Corp digging machines were used.

For more information on Project Gasbuggy, please go to:



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