The secret group COM-12 in 1992…..fact? fiction? or, disinformation?


The secret group COM-12 in 1992….fact? fiction? or disinformation?

Michael Younger, a.k.a. “Mr. Mike” who, in the early 90s, created controversy among some conspiracy circles in Southern California by claiming to be a representative of a group known then as “COM-12“, died on December 31, 2001 of a massive heart failure in Anaheim, California.

He was often described during those years as a “mysterious figure” who always wore a black raincoat and was often present at a number of conspiracy seminars.

He claimed then to be a liaison officer for “COM-12“, an alleged group of intelligence personnel opposed to the policies and direction of an alleged “Aquarius” faction within the intelligence community of that time.

“COM-12”, he insinuated, was in direct confrontation with the so-called “MJ”, “MAJI”, “MAJIC” or the “MAJESTIC” operations factions.

After around 1994, Younger, who had also claimed to be connected with part of Navy SEAL Team VI, reportedly contracted an illness and disappeared from the public.

His whereabouts since then became unknown to most researchers until the time of his death.

According to an attendee at a private funeral which was held recently, Younger’s ashes were scattered at sea in a ceremony off the coast of Long Beach.  Younger has three children.

Younger was also the source of the so-called “Bluefire Memorandum”, purportedly an official looking memorandum allegedly issued to the security personnel of Nellis Range concerning a public event which was held in Rachel, Nevada, near Area 51 in 1991.

Here is the Bluefure Memorandum:

Recently, however, his estranged wife totally denied his involvement in such activitities in the past and disclaimed that he had ever been with SEAL Team VI nor with a group such as “COM-12”.   She confirmed that to the best of her knowledge, he was just a housepainter who must have had psychological problems and probably was suffering from “double identity” syndrome.

Some others, however, hold the belief that Michael Younger was a collaborator for a specific disinformation operation.


According to one source, Younger was a friend of Michael Riconosciuto, a fuel-air explosives expert and a key figure (and witness) in the so-called “INSLAW” scandal of the early 90s.   The “INSLAW” scandal involved the government’s alleged theft of PROMISE software and the subsequent death of journalist Danny Casolaro who attempted to document the scandal.  (Riconosciuto is presently serving time in a federal prison after he was charged in the early 90s with producing illegal drugs at an illicit chemical laboratory that he had set up in the state of Washington.)

A security firm known as Wackenhut subsequently surfaced as the organization primarily accused of involvement with a number of related scandals.

It was Michael Younger who organized a controversial seminar held in Arcadia, California in 1993, to expose Wackenhut’s involvement in the alleged biochemical facility located at that time in the Cabazon Indian reservation near Palm Springs.

Michael Younger

The seminar, attended by more than 150 people, attracted such individuals as Robert Booth Nichols, who a Meridian Arms dealer and  former Wackenhut employee accused of assassinating Danny Casolaro.   Also present at the seminar were Ted Gunderson (former FBI Special Agent-in-charge of Los Angeles), a few NSA officials (including a gentleman with the last name of Pender) and  Harold Okimoto, an associate of Nichols and alleged Japanese yakuza.


Michael Younger speaking at the controversial seminar

A article on the controversial seminar was written  by Colin Brown in his now-extinct TECHNICAL CONSULTANT magazine in 1993.   The item is inside the following site:





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One thought on “The secret group COM-12 in 1992…..fact? fiction? or, disinformation?

  1. NORIO, it’s very ironic to see the ” Blue-Fire Memo ” and for me too see the ” COSMIC Security Clearance ”

    I personally know that it showed-up in front of me during NATO exercises in 1976, at the ARMY base I was
    assigned too in West Germany!?

    Therefore, I conclude the MEMO is very real! Your Friend PATRICK


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