Coyote Canyon area still off-limits to Kirtland Air Force Base personnel in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Coyote Canyon area, adjacent to the alleged “disinformation” staging area for the 1980 “UFO” landing incident….(a cover story created on behalf of Project Starfire as well as other possible clandestine military projects in the area).


(Courtesy of Phantom of Monsters – Pulse of the Paranormal)

A 2011 memorandum from Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico still indicates that Coyote Canyon areas are still off-limits to Air Force personnel:

by DJ Babbitt
377th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

9/16/2011 – KIRTLAND AFB, N.M. — Service members, cyclists, runners and hikers often take advantage of the sunshine, mild weather and the vast open spaces on Kirtland Air Force Base.

With the proximity of the mountains and openness at Kirtland, it may be easy to forget that you’re actually on a military installation.  However some areas are off-limits.

Tech. Sgt Shawn Hardesty, Combat Arms Instructor for the 377th Security Forces Squadron, said “All who work and play on base need to be aware of off-limit areas.  Off-limit areas are marked with warning signs along entrances and boundaries.”

Unless coordinated through the 377th Security Forces Group Combat Arms section or the 377th Air Base Wing Ground Safety office, these areas are off-limits to all personnel at all times.
Off-limits areas include:
· The Combat Arms facility (including an 850-meter surface danger zone) at Building 706, South Gate Road, near the south gate of Kirtland AFB.
· The security forces special weapons range in Frustration Canyon, approximately two miles southeast of the Starfire Optical Range in the COYOTE CANYON AREA, including the 6,700-meter surface danger zone around the impact area of Mount Washington (including the Manzano Fire Lookout Tower).


(photo taken by Norio Hayakawa in September, 2013)




“People illegally entering these areas will be held liable for their actions, said Hardesty.

Violating off-limit areas, for military members will result in charges of failure to obey, a lawful order or regulation.
The underlying purpose is to protect the safety of all personnel.
Hardesty points out, “Please do not enter any of the surface danger zones on base, even if you think no one is around“.



More on the 1980 “staged” UFO landing incident at Kirtland AFB Manzano Underground Storage Area, adjacent to the Coyote Canyon:


SOM 1-01

Fake document:  MJ-12-related SOM 1-01, most likely originated by Richard C. Doty, then with Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Part of fake document:  MJ-12-related SOM 1-01, most likely originated by Richard C. Doty, then with Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico…….notice the mention of Kirtland AFB on left top


It’s of utmost importance to read the following article:

Did Richard C. Doty ruin the life of Albuquerque businessman Paul Bennewitz?




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4 thoughts on “Coyote Canyon area still off-limits to Kirtland Air Force Base personnel in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. Just remember , I’m DoD and whenever my identity is compromised not only do they let me know , but they will ck you guys out with a microscope . The last comment I tried to post to Nomad , I was continuously interrupted by your program . I never was able to finish my comment to Nomad , WHY ??? Disinfo fucking TROLLS , what a bunch of Cowards !!!


  2. Hey guys , I owe you all an apology . I was a helicopter crewchief in the U.S. Army from ’86-’01 . I was lucky enough to be stationed with the 4th Sqdrn 3rd ACR at Biggs Army Airfield from ’89-’90 and again from ’95-’97 . We had a group of us who were known as the ” Blue Boys ” . Once in a while we would be tasked to fly dignitaries to Coyote Canyon . I ain’t gonna go into details , BUT I know enough about electricity to understand the technologies I have witnessed . My father was a NASA engineer from ’76-’86 or there abouts , and he was forced to work in the SDI program . The more you ck my family out , the more you’ll realize that I am not bullshitting . These super advanced technologies are REAL and the reason they’re all kept secret is because they are not intended to benefit us all !!! They are being developed for the ” Super Wealthy ” . As the oil runs low , ” THEY ” are gonna break away and become a ” Type 1 ” civilization . The rest of us are simply going to die off . It’s gonna be just like the movie , ” Hunger Games ” , only this is not going to be some Hollywood movie …


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