Famous Belgian black triangle UFO photo a fake


Famous 1990 Belgian black triangle UFO photo a fake

(we’re not discussing here about the entire 1990 Belgian triangular “UFO” flap;  we are only here talking about this particular photo)

(Stephen Broadbent, July 27, 2011:  http://www.realityuncovered.net/blog/2011/07/famous-black-triangle-ufo-a-fake/)


The mystery of the iconic Petit-Rechain black triangle UFO photo has finally been solved.  The photographer, a man named only as Patrick, has admitted making the UFO out of polystyrene in an interview with mainstream Belgian TV channel RTLTVI:  http://www.rtl.be/info/belgique/faits-divers/le-mystere-du-celebre-ovni-des-annees-90-elucide-une-supercherie–240323.aspx

The photograph was taken 21 years ago in 1990 at the height of the Belgian UFO flap and was an instant hit around the world, with many publications using the photo as a kind of banner for the UFO phenomenon.

It was known as the Petit-Rechain photo after the Belgian town where it was photographed, but Patrick revealed he and some friends made the model in a short space of time before photographing it some hours later that evening.

Patrick said “You can do a lot with a little, we managed to trick everyone with a piece of polystyrene” and he is right.  The photograph has kept “experts” busy for years, with many of a ufological persuasion using this as proof of alien visitation.

“We made the model with polystyrene, we painted it and then we started sticking things to it, then we suspended it in the air … then we took the photo,”

The prank was originally meant to fool some work colleagues at the small business where Patrick worked as a fitter, but quickly went global soon after leaving the walls of the factory.

Patrick assumed their deception would be discovered, and takes pride in the fact that it never was.   He apologised for fooling so many believers, but clearly got a lot of laughs out of the whole thing after admitting he wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.

In actual fact, Patrick is incorrect when he thinks the deception was never discovered, because the exact method of how he did it was revealed as recently as March of 2011 in Tim Printy’s (excellent) SUNlite magazine, Volume 3 Number 2:   http://www.astronomyufo.com/UFO/SUNlite3_2.pdf

On pages 19-22 there is an in-depth analysis by Roger Paquay which deconstructs various arguments presented by experts on the believer side of the fence, while presenting readers with the most likely explanation of what the image actually is.

“The various analyses cannot exclude effects based on a cardboard triangle suspended by a thin thread, giving the rotation effect seen on the picture.”

“This behavior doesn’t agree with an observation of an exotic object. The more likely conclusion is in favor of a fake made to illustrate the observation of a plane or to match with the description of the “Triangular UFO” found in the media for the previous four months.”

“It is very curious that, in a such a highly populated area, with people looking for UFOs, nobody else reported seeing this large object at low altitude.  Only the photographer could explain what is really on his picture but his desire to remain anonymous will prevent any further resolution on the issue.”



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2 thoughts on “Famous Belgian black triangle UFO photo a fake

  1. So those triangles on videotape shown in infrared are alien and not US products? HMMM I trust the first story as they got to him before they had to kill him. Our government is a big lie.Period.


  2. In my participation with Colm Kelleher, PhD, as orincipal investigator for Robert Bigelow Aerospace’s National Institute for Discovery Science (“NIDS”) I was satisfied learning the actual devuces are an unacknowledged US seployed platform. Belgium never released images but undoubtedly photographed what their Air Force tried to catch. We never learned the actual designation of the platform.


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