Janet Airline (Area 51 commuter planes) at URS Terminal in Las Vegas


(photo, courtesy of WheresJanet of Dreamland Resort)

Area 51 is certainly alive and well, judging from this recent photo of Janet Airline fleet (Area 51 commuter plane) parked at the URS Terminal at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas….photo courtesy of WheresJanet of Dreamland Resort.

“A sight seen a 1,000 times but coincidence aside, it is a ‘deep’ view”  (WheresJanet)

(photo, courtesy of WheresJanet)

“If you look at the JANET ramp at KLAS you will notice many pieces of equipment in a particular spot such as stairs,lights,generators etc.  As far as the fuel is concerned I believe they use the same fuel trucks/drivers as the rest of the private side of the airport uses.  I’m pretty sure the fuel truck drivers even though non-military I would imagine whoever is allowed on the Janet ramp is always the same person/s for that shift and is already cleared for access to that particular restricted area.  It’s obviously hard to say if the stairs and other necessary equipment are owned by the Janet folks or leased from KLAS.  I would say however, it is after all the USAF/CIA funds and I am sure they can afford permanent equipment for a permanent facility.”

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