Area 51……we need to come to grips with reality

(Area 6 at Yucca Lake in the foreground, Papoose Lake and Groom Lake/Area 51 – – – – – – CLICK THE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT)


Once in a while it’s good to come to grips with reality.
Here is an excellent comment by Peter Merlin, military aviation historian (of Dreamland Resort – – May 18, 2016):

“I have never heard of any actual former Area 51 workers making UFO/alien claims. Thousands of people have worked at Groom Lake over the years, and it is easy to find and speak with many of them, representing a wide cross section of government/military/industry types with job specialties ranging from janitor to base commander.

So far, none of those that I have spoken with have ever confirmed any UFO rumors.

People who actively work in classified programs are supposed to remain anonymous. They don’t tell their friends and families about their work, and they do not want to have their pictures taken when they are entering or leaving a classified facility. If their identities are exposed, then it might be possible for a foreign agent to compromise them. That is why they cover their faces.

Just because Lazar worked at Los Alamos as a contractor doesn’t make him a nuclear physicist. Working as a contractor for NASA didn’t make me a rocket scientist. Lazar’s documented educational background does not appear to support his claims either. There is no way for the government or anyone else to completely erase his records.”




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6 thoughts on “Area 51……we need to come to grips with reality

  1. I’ve known both Peter Merlin and Bob Lazar for over 30 years. Peter is a great researcher and friend. I met Bob Lazar about six months before he went to work out at the place he calls S-4.

    Prior to his job assignment at S-4, Bob told me directly that he felt sorry for our mutual friend John Lear (son of founder the of Lear Jet) as here’s a guy from such a famous aviation family and he believes in UFO. Bob told me that if he could prove it mathimaticlyl or by a physical touch, he would believe it was real.

    Fast forward eight months and that is when he came out of the dark to talk about losing his wife in a “Karen Silkwood” type of accident, it was at that time he went public. In over 25 years, even if it were to benefit him greatly, Bob’s story has never changed.

    So with that in mind, I an 100% behind that story that Bob Lazar was hired to do reverse engineering on the propulsion system for an alien space craft.

    I’ve interviewed dozens of high ranking staff from USAF, DoD, Lockheed, and a few of the alphabets as to whether or not UFOs are real. The large President of the famous Lockheed Skunk Works, Mr. Ben R. Rich, in a letter to the late John Andrews wrote:

    Dear John:
    Yes, I’m a believer in both categories, I feel everything is possible. Many of our “Man-Made UFO’s are Un Funded Opportunities.

    And there is an SR-72 pilot that chased one and lost it as it left him in the dust over the Western Pacific back in 1972.

    I could go on for hours on this, but I’ll atop here.

    Jim Goodall,
    Oro Valley, AZ


    • Thanks so much, Jim, for your fascinating and informative response! I have always had the highest respect for your work and research. One of my first introductions to the Area 51 topic was either in 1988 or 1989 when I read an article in the GUNG HO Magazine.
      Comments from such a highly respected researcher like yourself certainly make me think again. This has certainly been the most difficult subject matter and will continue to be so. Receiving such a comment from you certainly may cause some doubts about my own doubts. Once again, Jim, thanks so much for responding. It means so much to me. I was wondering if you would object if I post your fascinating comment on my page here or elsewhere.


    • As an author, I think Jim Goodall would a lot to benefit by lying about UFOs. He makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims. Maybe he thinks he get a good book deal about Area 51.


  2. I’m the guy that did the Gung Ho piece and I used the name “Al Fricky” as it was the code word for if and when one of the F-117s was lost. The call would typically go like this….”Al Fricky is very sick, not expected to make it, come home at once.” That meant to pack your bags as you are heading to Area 51 because one of the articles was lost or broken.

    And you amy post my comments anywhere you want, just don’t alter them.


    BTW….I meant the SR-71 not and SR-72. The SR-71 was flying at FL78 at about Mach 2.75 during a 11:00 PM night time training mission when he saw a glint off of a metal craft about five thousand feet above him and about five miles away.

    The pilot, Dave, called Kadena AB, Okinawa on secure voice to ask if there was another SR up near him. Then answer came back a negative. Dave decided to investigate and pushed the throttles forward and started moving in to get a better look. When the SR was about a mile or two away from the object, it accelerated at what Dave calculated to be about 8,000 mph, heading up at a 30 degree AOA and he lost sight of the object as it passed through about 180,000 to about 210,000 feet AGL.

    I have this interview on tape and he is retired USAF LTC and ended his flying career as the director of Facilities at Area 51.

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  3. “losing his wife in a “Karen Silkwood” type of accident”
    Forgive me if I am wrong, but didn’t she commit suicide by vehicle exhaust?
    Two days after Bob married someone else, while still married to her.


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