CNN Report – – looking for answers on UFOs and Aliens


(Norio Hayakawa calls himself an “unorthodox ufologist and activist”. He’s had a lifelong fascination with UFOs, and he’s the director of a group called the Civilian Intelligence Network. He’s just one of the people featured in an upcoming photo book, “Phenomena” which is an investigative look into American beliefs about UFOs and aliens.)

CNN REPORT – – April 28, 2016.

Looking for answers on UFOs and Aliens:


The book is published by Danish photographer Peter Helles Eriksen, Sara Galbiati and Tobias Selnaes Markussen.

“In Denmark or in Europe, it’s kind of taboo: If you believe in UFOs, you keep it to yourself. It’s not something you go around talking about it, because the majority will think that you’re kind of mad”, Galbiati said.

“But in America, especially, of course, the places we went, it was more like an understanding – – If you believe in this, I’m not going to question you’. It’s almost like a religion – – ‘I won’t judge you, everybody has their right to believe in what they want”…..



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