I have never been and will never be a UFO debunker

Norio Hayakawa, researcher, journalist, musician and composer and director of the Civilian Intelligence News Service

Although I have spent many years investigating Area 51 in Nevada to determine the facts on the importance of that facility  (In 1990 I accompanied a Japanese TV crew to the perimeters of the base),  I am skeptical of any UFO or “alien” connection to the base.

The Japanese TV crew and I also visited Dulce, New Mexico subsequently.

In March of 2009 I organized the first Underground Base conference that took place at the Jicarilla Apache community.

Although I subsequently spoke at several conferences on the topic of Dulce, I have expressed my skepticism about the actual physical existence of such a base in New Mexico without debunking the claims of those who have seen some strange goings-on in that area.  In fact I believe that some type of paraphysical phenomena is prevalent in the Dulce region.

My research in the field of Ufology and related subjects has spanned several decades  (since 1961).

I would like to describe myself as an unorthodox Ufologist in the sense that my main interest is on the UFO culture and the diversity of beliefs held by UFO “enthusiasts”, including myself.

I often discuss how I became convinced of the reality of the UFO phenomenon itself, when my skeptical mother had a sighting of what she clearly described then as a “flying saucer” in 1975 during broad daylight in Japan.

But my question is: “Does it represent conclusive evidence of physical ET visitations on Earth? – – or, has the phenomenon always been intentionally deceptive by design?”

I also often discuss about how personal, physical observations of UFOs vary in time and location, which I am convinced is pre-selected and paraphysically “materialized” by extra-dimensional intelligences, for reasons yet unknown.



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5 thoughts on “I have never been and will never be a UFO debunker

    • Well, that clears it up!


      Is it possible to write a vaguer paragraph?


      “He also speculates that an accidental crash in 1947 (in New Mexico) of one of these craft may have necessitated the creation of convenient “cover stories” (and “staged” events) which were conveniently promoted later on by a manipulative force or “intelligence” (whether it be a human or a non-human type of consciousness) to bring about the beginning of an “agenda” or some type of a gradual, conditioning of belief systems programmed for future unknown “scenarios”, partially reflecting the thoughts of Dr. Jacques Vallee, the world’s foremost authority on the UFO phenomenon in his opinion.”

      What was the “cover story?” What were the “staged events?” What was the motivation? If this was a flying wing, why didn’t they notice that? Who were the small victims of the crash, or were those part of a “cover story?” Is someone wanting the public to believe in UFOs, or NOT believe in them? What the heck is the writer trying to say?


      • The entire subject matter of the UFO phenomenon is a vague subject matter, to begin with.
        It’s like discussing about God.
        No one knows for sure what the real truth behind the UFO phenomenon is.
        Everything about the UFO phenomenon is speculation.
        The day speculations end will be the day when an actual physical alien spacecraft and its occupants lands on the lawn of the White House or any globally recognized location under the scrutiny of the world’s scientists, the entire media and the public with live globally simulcast television coverage……which hasn’t happened yet.


  1. The hour of the Great Return of an ET civilization, the Elohim, is near.
    They are sensitizing us with crop circles and sightings, so as to psychologically prepare us for an official and peaceful contact.
    They need an embassy so as to be able to meet with mankind officially. This embassy will be neither a princely palace nor a cathedral, but rather a beautiful building possessing the comforts to which anyone today is entitled, with the diplomatic immunity that even the smallest state has for its embassy.
    The country which will see the Embassy built on its territory or on a territory it gave or sold for this purpose and which will have granted the necessary extraterritorial status, will have a guaranteed and flourishing future, will benefit from the Elohim’s protection and will become the spiritual and scientific centre of the whole planet for the millennia to come.


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