Dulce, New Mexico is not about aliens…..it’s about humans and a lingering problem that has been kept from the public


(Above – – explosion from Project Gasbuggy, conducted on December 10, 1967, 22 miles from Dulce)

(Project Gasbuggy, conducted on December 10, 1967, 22 miles from Dulce)

Underground nuclear explosion near Dulce, New Mexico in 1967:

Although this 1967 experiment was intended to ease the flow of natural gas in the surrounding areas, the after-effect of this test was not all positive:
Radiation slowly began to leak in the surrounding areas.

Dulce, New Mexico is not about aliens.
It is about humans and the lingering health problems that have been kept from the public.

There is no credible evidence whatsoever of the existence of a physical Dulce underground base in New Mexico.

(Moreover, as far as “UFOs” are concerned, the “UFO phenomenon” does not represent any conclusive evidence of any physical extraterrestrial visitations to our Earth.)

No, Dulce is not about aliens.

It’s about a lingering human problem that has been hidden from the public unintentionally.
Hidden behind the veil of outlandish rumors about the so-called “alien” base, the reality of the matter is that Dulce is pre-eminently about the lingering health issues affecting the community, i.e., the ongoing effects of radiation that leaked out in the neighboring areas from the 1967 Project Gasbuggy that took place just about 22 miles southwest of Dulce.
This is the reason why the Dulce area has had a high rate of cancer and a high rate of infertility.
That is basically what Dulce, New Mexico is about, not about aliens.

Is it also likely that the government conducted tests on radiation by selectively choosing particular cows in the Dulce area, beginning in the mid 1970s?
Did this type of research involve analyses of certain organs and tissues and did it also involve clandestine operations utilizing unmarked helicopters?

We just don’t know.

There is no conclusive evidence for it.

But the health-related issue must come out in the open.

Here is a powerful testimony from a member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation:

(name withheld):

I am a member of The Jicarilla Apache Nation.
My father passed from a brain tumor in 06.
My Mother was just diagnosed on 1-13-17 with a brain tumor.
I honestly believe there are no coincidences here.
The radiation lingering effects are making my people sick with cancer.
I myself can’t have any children.
Please help.
I have contacted several attorney’s who are Native American and specialize in Federal Indian Law.
No replies yet.”

Although not directly related to Project Gasbuggy, here is a significant report about Native Americans still suffering from after-effects of radiation:


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10 thoughts on “Dulce, New Mexico is not about aliens…..it’s about humans and a lingering problem that has been kept from the public

  1. This very well could be, However I for one will not label all those I have spoken too in the area as liars that have clearly seen things we do not have the technology to have. If it was 1 or even 10 people but there are 100’s. Nice dis information. But prove it. As for letting UFO’s rule your life. No need, we all know 95%+ are ours or explained. To get the proper answer one must look only to DNA. CASE CLOSED.Flying craft is not nor even if photoed 10 feet away will never be the smoking gun. DNA is the smoking gun. Anyone to argue this is a dis information specialist or an IDIOT.


  2. I 100% ascribe to the documented view of the Valdez family that Dulce was a huge multipurpose piece of grand guignol theater and disinformation.


    …there are other secrets in another place, a valley, where something nonhuman still seems to lurk in tunnels and “caves”. And it isn’t anywhere near Dulce…

    So as usual as Churchill said, there’s a lot of lies flying around and half of them true!


  3. I moved to Lumberton just 3 miles east of Dulce in 1985 and lived there till 2003. I knew Gabe Valdez quite well and discussed the alien base supposedly there. Also I owen a logging truck and have been up on Archeleta Mesa countless times before and after it burned in 94 finding no trace of anything but I did see on two occasions objects in the sky that I cannot explain to this day.
    I also have been to the gasbuggy site but had no way of detecting radiation levels and probably should be dead as I drank from a spring bout 7 miles away called cowboy springs, oh and I did see the only albino elk near there that I have ever seen.


  4. Great insight…I thought it would be about enhanced humans, humans with alien DNA inserted, or unusual DNA of specific humans that tell a DNA story of their Heritage.


  5. I also grew up in Dulce. Lived there for 33 years. I was recently diagnosed with CLE Lupus and a small frontal lobe brain tumor. Ironically, two of my neighbors were also recently diagnosed with lupus. Two other close close neighbors have also been diagnosed with cancer.

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