Echo Flight, the making of a UFO myth….excellent article by Tim Hebert


by Tim Hebert – – August 13, 2014:

“The Malmstrom Air Force Base Echo Flight case is a great UFO story. It’s the perfect storm for UFO buffs in that there are reports, documents, and “witnesses.” Its listed in the top ten of UFO cases. People have been interviewed to the extent that every surviving individuals cerebral memory capacity has been extracted, evaluated, discarded and re-extracted for what ever purpose in the attempt to prove or disprove individual pet theories. In short, it’s a ufologists dream come true…or is it?




Here is also a great commentary by Seamus Coogan – – August, 2013:

ROBERT HASTINGS: Scam Artist or Ufology Expert Misunderstood?


Seamus Coogan recently made an excellent comment concerning UFO expert Robert Hastings who has constantly claimed that the U.S. nuclear facilties had always been a target of constant UFO interference (or, in some cases, “attacks“).

Coogan stated:


“Malfunctions at nuclear weapons facilities are always just cause for alarm.
In particular, when the U.S. government’s propaganda promotes their weapons systems as infallible and under diligent maintenance.
These sorts of screw-ups cost people their jobs if leaked and undermine public faith.
A far better way to cover up incompetence is for counter intelligence to attach a UFO angle and trivialize a serious matter.
Nonetheless, incompetence may only explain part of the problem.
If Hasting’s wtinesses did indeed see a UFO, I believe it’s far more plausible that they were likely experimental aircraft interfering with weapons systems. This could either be intentional or a by-product of said experimental machines


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