Now is the most important moment of your life, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now !!


Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now….this very moment.
Let’s not dwell in what happened yesterday. Yesterday is gone.
Neither should we dwell in what might happen tomorrow. Let tomorrow come first.
Let’s not dwell in what you have or what you have not accomplished in the past.

In order not to dwell in the past we must think about life and death, and death and life.
They are inter-connected.
Let us begin with death, a subject matter that most people do not want to discuss.
Did you know that death actually begins the moment we are born?
It’s a slow process.
The moment we are born we are immersed into this physical world and begin to experience sickness and disease and finally we die a physical death.
For some it could be very short.
For others death may come in an unexpected way before sickness and disease take over.

We all have an appointed time for death.
This thought sounds rather morbid but let’s face it.
This is a fact.

Therefore, to the best of our ability, we must live these precious few moments of life to the fullest possible and take time to enjoy it while we can.

We must continually thank God for giving us this precious physical life, even though it’s a short life.

We must not hate ourselves but love ourselves for who God created us to be.
But more than that, we must love others more than ourselves and do good to others.
This is the golden rule.
And never forget to look beyond others’ faults and see their need.
Forgive others constantly in your heart.

We must also continue to have total faith (or unconditional “TRUST” or “RELIANCE”) in God and live the way He would want us to live.
This may sound strange, but since we are all taking the journey to death, the most important time in our life, therefore, is NOW.
The past cannot be repeated.
What happened even a few seconds ago cannot be repeated.
It’s gone.
The past is history.
We have the PAST, PRESENT and the FUTURE.
Our finite mind cannot see the FUTURE.

This is why the most important period of our life is NOW, this very minute, this very second!!
We need to thank God for giving us the opportunity to be here, even for a short time.

We need to thank God every single day for giving us this precious life to live.
We need to thank God for every new breath that we can continue to breathe while on earth, even if we may be so sick in bed and are faced with death.
Yes, many times we may feel that it is extremely difficult to do, but we must try.
We must continue to count our blessings every day.

By the way, there are no such things as “coincidences” in our lives, if we fully trust in the Creator.

There may be a reason for everything that happened so far in our personal lives.
Moreover, we do make many mistakes and made bad decisions.
There’s no turning back the clock to change the events that happened in our lives.
We can only learn from the past mistakes and ask for forgiveness for our mistakes.

Many times we question God why certain things, especially “bad things”, happen in our lives.
But we must bear in mind that God never wishes “bad things” in our lives.
God never creates “bad things”.
God is not the creator of evil.

Often times we have tragic moments in our lives which are beyond our doing.
At the time of the tragic event, we tend to question God and even complain to Him why the tragedy happened.

But later on, as the years go by, we come to a point and realize that had it not been for that tragedy in the past that I would not be here where I am, not only physically, mentally but above all and most importantly, spiritually.
We didn’t see it right then before.

As they say, “all things work out for the good for those who love and trust Him”.
Lastly, together with this thought, we can rest assured that God answers all our sincere prayers.

There are only three ways that God answers our prayers.
That is: YES, NO or NOT NOW.

When we ask God for a certain thing:

1) God can respond and say “YES”. “You will get your wish right away” (as long as your wish is not for selfish reasons).

2) God can respond and say “NO”.
(God knows exactly what is good for you).

When God says “NO”, He will give you an alternative to your request.
He will say “NO, but I will give you something that is even better for you, and you will know the reason why later on, in due time”.
and finally,

3) God can respond and say “YES, but not now, you will just have to wait patiently and then it will be granted. Now is not the right time, but it will be granted at the most appropriate time for you.”


And after everything is said and done, and when the time comes for us to take our last breath, we must do so, believing with confidence that death is not the end of life.
Therefore we need not fear death at all.
Death is only the beginning of real life.
It is simply the door through which we enter true eternal life, not the superficial, temporal, limited existence we have here in this physical world.
Words will be inadequate then to describe the eternal bliss to come immediately the moment we step into the new dimension to explore!!

Now is the most important moment of your life (YouTube version)

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