The unlikely struggle of the family whose neighbor was Area 51


(partial view of Groom Lake can be seen in this photo, courtesy of the Sheahan family….CLICK THE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT)

by Tyler Rogoway, FOXTROT ALPHA/JALOPNIK – – November 9, 2015:


“Plenty of landowners have fought the government over plans to seize their property.
But the Sheahan family of Nevada have not spent decades defending some mundane corner of farmland from being covered by a proposed interstate.
The Sheahans’ ancestral mining land was seized over its very unique next-door neighbor: America’s top secret flight test facility, known to most as Area 51.

It’s remarkable the Sheahans wanted to save this place at all.
It is a place where the family claims they were strafed by machine gun fire.
Where cancer and burns came as a likely result of nuclear detonations mere miles away. Where they have faced invasive, terrifying security measures from men in uniform.

Now, after years of trying to maintain a grasp on their beloved property, the Sheahans got the boot once and for all by the United States Air Force.
The military acted to condemn the family’s property, and they are seeking in court what they hope will be adequate compensation for their land and for their struggles.
But how do you appraise a property that exists under such strange circumstances?
How do you get the fair value of a place whose biggest resource is its bizarre view?
And how does one family prevail over a titan as big as the United States military?”

Area 51 6 (2)

(Area 51 in the distance, by Groom Lake….photo, courtesy of the Sheahan family………..CLICK THE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT)


Here is the only report made after the government officially took over the family’s property in October of 2015….Channel 8 News, Las Vegas, Nevada – – November 11, 2015:


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