UFO culture and beliefs….why they’re so significant


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Like the overwhelming majority of the world’s astronomers and scientists, I do not discount the possibility that we are not alone in the universe, even though we still have no definite evidence for it.

At the same time, however, the overwhelming, vast majority in the scientific community have been skeptical when it comes to UFOs as conclusive evidence that we have been (or are being) visited by physical aliens in physical alien spacecraft of any kind.

As far as I am concerned, the bottom line is that we have not yet been presented with any single globally accepted physical, tangible, solid, as well as irrefutable documentary evidence of such, so far.

And yet the UFO phenomenon seems to be real, according to researchers such as Dr. Jacques Vallee.

This is why I believe that the study of the UFO phenomenon definitely seems to have some intrinsic value.

Ufology is an important study and will continue to be so as long as the “UFO phenomenon” is not conclusively solved.

However, as for myself, I am more interested in the study of its culture and its diverse,  accompanying beliefs and the impact of such beliefs on society in general.

Such study (on UFO Culture and Beliefs) is far more interesting and significant than the seemingly illusive, never-ending pursuit of the UFO phenomenon itself.

As I have stated time and time again, the subject of “UFOs” is the most important subject matter that I can think of because it involves everything and even seems to affect one’s worldview.

It is a fascinating study about human psychology and the role of “beliefs” that poses the question what is reality?”

Yes, “UFOs” have become a social, cultural and psychological phenomenon.

Some even say that such beliefs are much needed for some folks who may feel the urge to believe in something or something that gives them a sense of “hope” (in tandem with religious beliefs), especially in these troubling, uncertain age of global economic, social and political crises.

Add to all this the role of the Internet.
The Internet has revolutionized how information as well as misinformation can be accessed instantaneously.
For many folks among a segment of the society,  the Internet has become a cesspool of totally unfounded “facts” created by hucksters and hoaxters so much so that even college-educated folks seem to fall into it.  Such hucksters and hoaxsters have become so skillful in their “art forms” that it is becoming harder and harder for many folks to distinguish what is true information and what is misinformation.

(Also add to all this those who are propagating the UFO Industry, i.e., some authors, some UFO talk show hosts and many UFO Conference promoters.)


(A clever and funny, sarcastic poster of a typical “UFO Conference” created by Claude Falkstrom – – CLICK FOR ENLARGEMENT)


The UFO Industry – – the show must go on!!


A question was raised by a reader: “Norio, as a point of interest – –what evidence supporting extraterrestrial visitation do deem credible?”

My answer is:

The only evidence acceptable would be the revelation of their actual physical spacecraft (i.e., if the phenomenon is fully physical), along with the revelation of its occupants in front of the global press, the global scientific community and the public-at-large at a globally recognized and viewable venue (such as in the lawn of the White House, or in Central Park or any publicly recognized venue), along with the total live global TV simulcast coverage of the revelation.

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Hillary’s America: the secret history of the Democratic Party…..a must-see movie for all Patriotic Americans


(Now available on DVD….click for enlargement)

There are no such things as 100% accurate, unbiased politically-oriented documentary films. This one by D’Souza is no exception. However I am convinced that many of the things claimed in this film are fairly accurate and that it will continue to have a considerable impact. This film certainly captures the essence of the public’s general mistrust for Hillary Clinton and/or the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. Not too bad of a movie at all, in my opinion.

Chuck Norris urges all Patriotic American citizens to go see this superb and enlightening film now!

by Chuck Norris, WND – – July 30, 2016:


Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s latest movie, “Hillary’s America“, is already the top-grossing documentary of 2016, earning $5.2 million in just 12 days after its release.
It has already trumped “A Beautiful Planet,” which grossed $4.1 million, and Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next,” which made $3.8 million.
More than eight out of 10 people who have watched “Hillary’s America” have loved it.


My wife, Gena, and I went to see it last week. It is superb and enlightening, to say the least. So much so, that I want to give you my top 10 highlights of the film.

No. 10:

The lesson Dinesh learned in jail from other inmates: The federal government is the biggest gang there is. The feds use the same tactics that most street gangs use – only on a much larger scale. Theft, extortion and suppression are their chief tactics. Case in point: Dinesh’s imprisonment for making political donations through friends. Is it a “coincidence” that his sentence followed the release of his 2012 documentary, “Obama’s America”?

No. 9:

The Democratic Party was the original pro-slavery and anti-minority party, and still is, when one understands its underlying motives and tactics. From Andrew Jackson’s suppression of slaves and slaughter of Indians to many modern Democrats’ “purchase” of minorities via government handouts to win their elections, the Democratic Party has maintained the same underhanded goals of Americans’ subjection and servitude.

No. 8:

The Republican Party was founded as the anti-slavery and pro-freedom movement. Not one Republican politician in the 19th century owned slaves. All of them fought to free slaves. Republicans also fought for minorities’ votes – including women’s suffrage – through the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, which the Democrats opposed. Despite Democrats hijacking the glory for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, more Republicans voted for it than Democrats, and a conservative championed its passing. And it was actually the Republicans who led the first civil rights movement of 1865-1895, while Democrats again opposed it.

CONTINUE READING at: http://www.wnd.com/2016/07/top-10-highlights-of-hillarys-america/

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Now showing at theaters nationwide – as of July 22, 2016
My wife and I saw it today in Albuquerque…there was packed audience! – – July 30, 2016
“Hillary’s America” – official trailer

Now showing at theaters nationwide – as of July 22, 2016
My wife and I saw it today in Albuquerque…there was packed audience! – – July 30, 2016
Shocking reactions to “Hillary’s America”

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