The problem of illegal immigration


As everyone knows, the United States has been facing a serious illegal immigration problem, especially in states such as Arizona, which has a long, virtually unprotected border with Mexico.
Of course this is not to say that there are no problems at the Canadian border areas. But, not as much.
Illegal immigrants also arrive by air (and even land at international airports with fraudulent documents and the use of disguise), as well as from the sea.

If nothing is done now, I am afraid that the United States will begin to lose its identity in the near future, on top of everything else that comes with this problem, with adverse consequences.

I believe that enforcing the border is essential. Many nations of the world have stringent border policies and enforcement.

Tall walls such as the ones separating Israeli settlements and the Palestinian areas in Israel may not be realistic throughout the entire length of the physical U.S./Mexico border and may not be the answer, but something must be done to defend our borders besides just increasing the number of border patrol agents and the constant use of more advanced remotely-controlled aerial platforms (UAVs).

When discussing illegal immigration, the top priority of course is to immediately round up and deport all criminal elements of the illegal alien population in this country.


But what about those estimated 12 million illegals who have been here for many years already, with no criminal records other than the fact that they had made an illegal entry at one point in time?

Many of them are hard-working people and good residents of the U.S.
Many of them have children who were born in the U.S. and are now American citizens and many of them, in turn, have their own children who are also born in the U.S. Many of them attend colleges.
It is quite unthinkable to forcefully separate their illegal-status parents from their U.S. born children.

Indeed this is a big problem.

It is logistically impossible to deport all non-criminal illegal aliens en masse.
Dragging out people from their homes is inhumane and is just simply unthinkable. Going door to door and checking papers isn’t the answer either.

What should be done to these people?


Those who can prove that they have been here for 20 years or more and can prove it with documentation, should be made eligible for a Temporary Residence Status, (abolish the term Permanent Residency) with a provision that enables the process for future Naturalization procedure only by volition after 10 years from obtaining a Temporary Residence Status, provided that they pass a stringent background check (i.e., absolutely no criminal record), pay all backtaxes, all other taxes, pay a special penalty (e.g., such as $1200) and get a certificate of completion from an E.S.L. (English as a foreign language) school.

Those who can prove that they have been here for 10 years or more (but less than 20 years) with documentation, should be made eligible for a Temporary Residence Status, provided that they also pass a stringent background check (i.e., absolutely no criminal record) pay backtaxes, all other taxes, pay a special penalty (such as $1800) and get a certification from an E.S.L. school. A provision may be added for an eventual naturalization procedure only by volition, only after 20 years of receiving a Temporary Residence Status.

For those who have been here less than a year, the only recourse will be to voluntarily return to their point of origin, and re-apply for lawful entry, after a period of 5 years. Before voluntarily returning to their point of origin, those persons must file all all personal information with the new Immigration Department which will keep the individual files for future reference. If they do not voluntarily return to the point of their origin within one year’s time, they will be considered a fugitive, and if caught, will be immediately arrested and deported and will never be able to return to the U.S. under any circumstances.

Needless to say, the U.S. must enforce the law that penalizes the hiring of illegals, i.e., those who do not possess the U.S. citizenship or Temporary Residence Status.

By the way, everyone knows that it is extremely difficult to distinguish who is a U.S. citizen or not simply by looking at his or her physical appearance or by his or her speech.

Some have suggested that the U.S. may eventually have to consider giving each U.S. citizen a tamper-proof U.S. National Identity card to be carried at all times, together with a required filing of all personal data with the new U.S. National Biometric ID system. They say that such Biometric Data will include photographs, all 10 fingerprints, scanning of both iris, voice recognition, signature, hand ID and DNA.

Many nations of the world already require their citizens to carry national ID cards with them at all times.


This sounds very Orwellian, but I believe that it could inevitably happen in the near future.

We all carry Driver’s License at all times. Driver’s licenses, however, are only issued by each State, and not by the Federal government and is practically useless as a proper, valid ID.

The proponents of for a Federally issued, tamper-proof U.S. National ID card say that it will far surpass the quality and capability of a U.S. passport.

We all know that not every American citizen carries a U.S. passport at all times.

A U.S. National ID card will not be such a burden to carry at all times by every U.S. citizen, its proponent say.

It is true that we are already living in a world without much privacy. This is a fact.

This Draconian-sounding proposition may not prevent all crimes or stop terrorism, but it could be a first step in curtailing them.

Illegal immigration is not only America’s problem.

The European Union (as well as Japan) is also facing unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants from the so-called “Third World Nations”.

Some even say that the global illegal immigration problem will eventually lead to the creation of a Global Biometric ID system as predicted in the End-time Bible Prophecy.

What do you think?

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