AREA 51 Special Report – – – September 5, 2016

Guard Shack

(Photo of the Groom Lake Road Guard Shack taken just a few days ago by “WheresJanet”, anonymous contributor to the Dreamland Resort…..CLICK THE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT)

The following is a Special Report by “WheresJanet” (anonymous contributor to the Dreamland Resort) and Joerg Arnu of the Dreamland Resort) – – – September 5, 2016:

(QUOTE, from Joerg Arnu):

The old guard shack has been removed.
The gate area is now reinforced with concrete barriers and a new large fuel tank was added behind the new building.
Most likely the tank is used to refuel the security vehicles to run the power generator, or both.
It also appears the garage behind the guard building has been replaced by a similar, but taller garage.


New FLIR cameras network along the Area 51 perimeter:

FLIR camera positions

(FLIR – -Forward Looking InfraRed) cameras seem to be ubiqitous…..CLICK THE ABOVE SATELLITE PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT) – – courtesy of Joerg Arnu

Groom Lake Rd. camera

(courtesy of “WheresJanet” and Joerg Arnu)

Groom Lake Rd. camera 2

(FLIR camera on Groom Lake Road, courtesy of Amateur Radio Network)

(QUOTE, from Joerg Arnu):

There are now three Groom Range cameras closest to the Groom Lake Road Guard Shack, from south to north, as of early September, 2016.
A network of nine more cameras on concrete pads was installed in a valley east of the Groom Mountain Range and Bald Mountain between 2012 and 2015.


NEWS UPDATE (December 14, 2016):

Just recently they erected two STOP signs at the Groom Lake Rd. boundary line:
(Click photo below for enlargement….photo, courtesy of Popular Mechanics)


– – – – – –

Area 51 is definitely alive and well!!

Area 51 3

(photo, courtesy of “a U.S. Marine Corps for hire” – C.V.)…..CLICK PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT

By the way, there are no such things as “aliens” at Area 51.
There never have been.
Sorry, no “alien technology”.
It’s all pure American ingenuity.
Area 51 will continue to remain a vital leading-edge military Research, Development and Test base for years to come.

– – –


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