The how and why anti-intellectualism is killing Ufology – – – by Trevor Wozny


(The Angry Ufologist – – cutting through all the UFO nonsense, blatant frauds and fraudsters)

an excellent article by Trevor Wozny, from THE ANGRY UFOLOGIST website – – April 22, 2016:


There is an overall drive to anti-intellectualism that is infesting UFOlogy to its core.
Our culture is one that glorifies the moronic and idiotic, not the intellect.
What is truly disheartening is that it now appears intellectualism is now synonymous with Elitism and Conspiracy.

I point my finger directly at our failing educational system.
It is designed to just make children memorize information.
It is not designed to teach kids how to critically think or how to think at all.
Schools make great automatons but not great creative thinkers.
Public school is no place for a smart person.

In life, there are few big picture questions we all must work through.
Who am I?, Where do I come from? Where am I going?
UFOlogy encompasses all of those concerns and more.
The rational study of the Cosmos and our place in it should be near the top of the list of worthwhile pursuits.

For most people, it is NOT.

UFOlogy is slowing being poisoned from the inside out by the lunatic click bait crowd.
Every day 1000’s of clearly fraudulent and hoaxed UFO images and videos flood the communities.
Spread by the greed of financial gain these bottom feeders of UFOlogy are making all of us laughing stocks.
UFOlogy will never gain the respect and ultimately the research dollars it needs while such rampant, childish, and dis-informational material is created every minute of every day and served up with a huge heaping bowl of “Screw You”.

UFOLogy is not yet in a terminal state but it sure could use a brain smoothie.
It is in desperate need of a good infusion of vitamin Ra (rationality), Sa (sanity), and Ed (education).
We all must stop supporting known fraudster and hoax websites and Youtube channels.





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