The DeLonge DeLusion – – weaponization of UFO belief



A quote from Robbie Graham, author of an article:
The DeLonge DeLusion: Part Two:

“Former pop-punk-singer-turned-UFO-Disclosure-icon Tom DeLonge is being used as an unwitting conduit for disinformation and soft propaganda in support of the US national security state.
I suggested that the UFO community is being exploited in this context as a fertile testing ground to monitor how disinformation shapes belief in a controllable subculture and that the agenda may relate to psychological warfare—the potential to weaponize belief, domestically and abroad”.

“Besides the possible goal of messing with the enemy’s mind, the DeLonge DeLusion is perhaps most sensibly viewed as but the latest example of the intelligence apparatus planting particular ideas into a close-knit subculture, sowing truth with fiction, and monitoring how this information is being received, interpreted, and spread.
It takes us all the way back to the ‘Falcon.’
The names and the faces may change, but the game stays the same”.

Graham quotes from George P. Hansen:

“Any legitimate analysis that tries to explain belief about UFOs must recognize that the UFO subculture is awash in disinformation spread by government personnel, and that this has played an enormous role in shaping the subculture.
Virtually all UFO investigators who make regular public presentations are from time to time approached by people who claim to have seen materials or documents while in military service that confirmed that the government has UFO projects…
These low-profile informants are a major source of UFO beliefs held by millions of people.
Their information circulates quietly throughout the culture.”


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