The entire universe was specifically fine tuned for human life – – – but what about UFOs?


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“More and more discoveries suggest design, intelligence, and purpose in this amazing universe.
As we discover more of these truths, though, we have a paradox because another mystery only increases – – that is, the UFO phenomenon.
Why is it that, when the search of space is decreasing the likelihood of extraterrestrial visitors, the circumstantial evidence for UFO sightings and alien abductions seems to be constant?
Could Dr. Jacques Vallee be right?
Are these creatures from another reality?

(Gary Bates, ALIEN INTRUSION, 2004, Creation Book Publishers, Powder Springs, GA):

First, let’s talk about the uniqueness of our Earth:

The Anthropic Principle states that the universe was especially suited for the well-being of mankind!!

“As just one of hundreds of examples, consider the tides that the moon causes on earth.
If the moon was closer to the earth, tides would be greatly increased.
Ocean waves could sweep across the continents.
The seas themselves might heat to the boiling point from the resulting friction.
On the other hand, a more distant moon would reduce the tides.
Marine life would be endangered by the resulting preponderance of stagnant water.
Mankind would also be in trouble because the oxygen in the air we breathe is replenished by marine plants.
We can conclude that the moon is in the “correct” position for man’s well-being.
Even such details as the mass of protons and the strength of gravity have values that give stability to the universe and thus reinforce the Anthropic Principle.
The Anthropic Principle is a powerful argument that the universe was designed“.

(Donald B. DeYoung, ASTRONOMY AND THE BIBLE, 1992….page 123….Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI)

“There are hundreds of examples where this is shown to be true, and without going into extreme detail, here are just a few that lend themselves to the idea that the universe is especially designed for life on earth
(Gary Bates, ALIEN INTRUSION, p. 111 – – 2004, Creation Book Publishers, Powder Springs, GA)

“*Stars and their distance from the earth:

Our neighboring stars in our Milky Way galaxy are nicely spaced apart so that they produce just enough light to be seen, but are not so close that they overwhelm us with dangerous radiation or gravitational forces. On the other hand, if they were farther away, the night sky would be considerably darker, and the stars would not be so useful as navigational aids and markers for the seasons, which mankind has used for many centuries.

*The solar system’s position in the galaxy:

The solar system is located about two-thirds of the way from the center of the Milky Way. If it were closer to the center, where there is a concentration of other stars known as the galactic bulge, we would be overpowered by their brightness, and nothing else in the universe would be observable. If we were too close to the outer edge of the galaxy, the night sky would be too dark.

*Perfect daylight:

Our sun does not oscillate significantly in size the way many other stars appear to do. This would make conditions unlivable on the earth. The sun provides just the right amount of brightness to the earth and it is the perfect color (its wavelengths) for the job. It has a yellow-white color, unlike many other stars of differing colors. The peak intensity of its light is in the infrared spectrum, which provides warmth to all inhabitants of Earth.

*The earth spins at the correct speed:

The spin of the earth is ideal for producing day and night. Longer days would cause a greater warming-up effect and, conversely, longer nights – – more cold. A faster rate of spin would produce constant violent weather conditions.

*The right tilt:

The axis of the earth is tilted to an angle of 23.5 degrees. This tilt allows the northern hemisphere to receive more sun from April to September, and the southern hemisphere from October to March, thus spreading the sun’s warmth over a greater part of the globe than if there were no tilt. This seasonal change is absolutely vital for triggering the blossoming of plants and fruits, and to the courtship of some creatures. If the tilt were any greater, the ice caps would melt in summer and flood the landmasses. Any less tilt and the seasons would be less marked due to the reduced variation in temperatures.

*Perfect distance from the sun:

If we were 10 percent closer to the sun, the earth would have furnace-like temperatures, and 10 percent farther away would produce icy deserts. Also, the oceans would boil off or freeze solid respectively, so there could be no life as we know it.

*The right size:

We are aware of the effects of reduced or increased gravity on the other planets in our solar system. There is either too much or too little. The earth is just the right size for its inhabitants. Because of this, water remains in a liquid state. Lesser gravity and the water would be lost to space due to the greater evaporation of cold water cause by lower atmospheric pressure.

*The water cycle:

Water covers 70 percent of the earth, via its oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams. This arrangement (evaporation from oceans to form clouds that eventually cause rain to fall on the land) is unique within our solar system, and provides a convenient supply of fresh water for the earth’s life forms.

*Right construction:

Earth offers a vast supply of resources, such as wood, metals, animals, plants, and a host of others that are useful for mankind. In addition, Earth has the right conditions to permit the formation and maintenance of the ozone layer in the atmosphere to protect us. It has a magnetic field which helps deflect harmful radiation from the sun. The magnetic field also aids navigation for man and beast. Our atmosphere is composed of just the right gases, unlike some of the noxious combinations found elsewhere in our solar system.”

(Stuart Burgess, HE MADE THE STARS ALSO, p. 62-78…..2001 – – Day One Publications, Epson, UK)



(Dr. Jacques Vallee with John A. Keel – – “Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception” – Dr. Jacques Vallee)

As far as “UFOs” are concerned, Dr. Jacques Vallee may be right.
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Documentary film, THE ALIEN INTRUSION, which was released in January, 2018:

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