UFOs, Area 51 and the alleged Dulce Base – – misperceptions, misinformation and myths


(Click above for enlargement – – mobile FLIR site near Area 51, courtesy of “WheresJanet” and J. Arnu of Dreamland Resort)


(Click above for enlargement – – Groom Lake (Area 51), Papoose Lake and Yucca Lake (with Area 6 UAV airstrip)

The Internet has revolutionized how information as well as misinformation can be accessed instantaneously.

For many gullible folks among a segment of the society (and there are many such folks in the so-called UFO Community), the Internet has become a cesspool of totally unfounded “facts” created by hucksters and hoaxsters so much so that even college-educated folks seem to fall into it.

Such hucksters and hoaxsters have become so skillful in their “art forms” that it is becoming harder and harder for many folks to distinguish what is true information and what is misinformation.

Also add to all this those who are propagating the UFO Industry, i.e., some authors, some UFO talk show hosts and many UFO Conference promoters.

Social media and fake news sites continue to have a growing impact on some people’s distorted beliefs in “UFOs” and “Conspiracies”.

Here are the facts as they stand:

1) Area 51 in Nevada is a vital military research, development and testing complex relevant to our U.S. national security.  It involves our hard-earned tax dollars and rightfully deserves its role in protecting our nation from global threats, domestic or foreign.

2) There is no credible evidence whatsoever of the existence of a physical Dulce underground base in New Mexico.   (Even though it is my personal belief that paraphysical phenomenon does exist in the Dulce area).

2) As far as “UFOs” are concerned, the “UFO phenomenon” does not represent any conclusive evidence of any physical extraterrestrial visitations to our Earth.   (This does not mean that the UFO phenomenon is not real.  It is still unresolved).

On AREA 51
Click each link for your digestion.

Misinterpretations of “Area 51” — a social, cultural and psychological phenomenon, far removed from reality

The illusive S-4, nowhere to be found at Papoose Lake, south of Area 51

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(Click above for enlargement – – view of Archuleta Peak on Archuleta Mesa)


Dulce, New Mexico family victimized by “domestic terrorism”

Dulce Base, New Mexico – – Fact? Fiction? or Disinformation?

Enigmatic personalities behind the initial Dulce underground base rumors

The “mysterious” Jason Bishop III (a.k.a., Tal Levesque, a.k.a., TAL), the illusive personality behind the “Dulce Base” myth

The Phil Schneider nonsense…..Phil Schneider, his mental illness and SSI

Richard C. Doty, self-claimed government UFO disinformation agent


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(Click above for enlargement – – Manzano Base and Sandia Base at Kirtland Air Force base)


Albuquerque, New Mexico’s weapons research facility of utmost importance – – in plain view

Manzano – Sandia Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico’s military test base since 1947

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Roswell, 1947 – – creation of a modern myth, how it all started

My views on UFOs, Aliens and Global Conspiracies

My perspective on the UFO phenomenon, based on the 5 propositions by Dr. Jacques Vallee

UFOs may not be “objects” nor could they be “flying” — Dr. Jacques Vallee

My mother’s ‘flying saucer’ sighting in 1975 – – do I believe her?

The UFO phenomenon as demonic activity?

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