Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce, New Mexico – – Reality versus myths


(Click above for enlargement – – Groom Lake (Area 51), Papoose Lake and Yucca Lake (with Area 6 UAV airstrip)

(Click above for enlargement – – East gate perimeter line on Groom Lake Rd….photo, courtesy of POPULAR MECHANICS)

Social media and fake news sites continue to have a growing impact on a gullible segment of the public with their promotion of distorted beliefs in UFOs and conspiracies.

Some folks describe me as a researcher, journalist, musician, composer and public educator.
I do not deserve to be described as such.
Basically all I am is just being the director of the Civilian Intelligence News Service, an alternative news service for a loosely-knit network, the “Citizens’ Oversight Commmittee on Government Accountability”.
However, I do support the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), the largest public watchdog agency on government accountability in the U.S.

I have spent many years investigating Area 51 in Nevada to determine the facts of the importance of that facility.
In 1990, I accompanied a Japanese TV crew to document the goings-on near Area 51.
The Japanese TV crew and I also visited Dulce, New Mexico, immediately following our investigations in Nevada.

In March of 2009, I organized the first “Underground Base: Fact or Fiction?” conference in Dulce, New Mexico to determine if there is any validity to the allegation that there is a physical underground base there.

Although I take a skeptical position when it comes to the existence of such a base in Dulce, New Mexico, I believe that both Area 51 and Dulce have become two of the most popular topics today, a fascination that is capturing the attention of a segment of the population.

I believe that this two topics have become a social, cultural and psychological phenomenon within America’s subculture.

I will talk about how social media and fake news sites continue to have impact not only on some people’s distorted beliefs in “UFOs” and “Conspiracies” but also on society in general, even extending to politics.

The Internet has revolutionized how information as well as misinformation can be accessed instantaneously.

For many gullible folks among a segment of the society (and there are many such folks in the so-called UFO Community), the Internet has become a cesspool of totally unfounded “facts” created by hucksters and hoaxsters so much so that even college-educated folks seem to fall into it.

Such hucksters and hoaxsters have become so skillful in their “art forms” that it is becoming harder and harder for many folks to distinguish what is true information and what is misinformation.

Also add to all this those who are propagating the UFO Industry, i.e., some authors, some UFO talk show hosts and many UFO Conference promoters.

My presentation is based on the fact that Area 51 in Nevada is a growing, vital R & D (research and development) and testing complex in our war against terrorism.
This operating base in Nevada is so important in that it involves our hard-earned tax dollars that continue to help maintain our ongoing fight against global terrorism by constant research into more efficient weapons systems (being developed at this location as well as at Creech AFB in Nevada, as well as the various aerospace facilities in the Antelope Valley area of Southern California, as well as Kirtland AFB in New Mexico, as well as at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, etc. etc.)


(RQ-170 Sentinel)


(Click and enlarge above – – MQ-9 Reaper at Creech AFB, Nevada)


(Click and enlarge above – – B-21 soon to begin its test at Area 51)

Please click and read:




As far as the alleged Dulce Base in New Mexico is concerned, I will point out the fact that Dulce, New Mexico may not be about aliens.

There is no credible evidence whatsoever of the existence of a physical Dulce underground base in New Mexico.

As far as “UFOs” are concerned, the “UFO phenomenon” does not represent any conclusive evidence of any physical extraterrestrial visitations to our Earth.

No, Dulce may not be about aliens.

To me, it seems to be a lingering human problem that has been hidden from the public unintentionally.
Hidden behind the veil of outlandish rumors about the so-called “alien” base, the reality of the matter is that Dulce is pre-eminently about the lingering health issues affecting the community, i.e., the ongoing effects of radiation that leaked out in the neighboring areas from the 1967 Project Gasbuggy that took place just about 22 miles southwest of Dulce.
This is the reason why the Dulce area has had a high rate of cancer and a high rate of infertility.
That is basically what Dulce, New Mexico may be about, not about aliens.


(Project Gasbuggy, December 10, 1967 – – 22 miles southwest of Dulce)


(Project Gasbuggy, December 10, 1967 – – 22 miles southwest of Dulce)

Here is a powerful testimony from a member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation:

(name withheld):

I am a member of The Jicarilla Apache Nation.
My father passed from a brain tumor in 06.
My Mother was just diagnosed on 1-13-17 with a brain tumor.
I honestly believe there are no coincidences here.
The radiation lingering effects are making my people sick with cancer.
I myself can’t have any children
Please help.
I have contacted several attorney’s who are Native American and specialize in Federal Indian Law.
No replies yet.”

Please watch the following video:
Underground nuclear explosion near Dulce, New Mexico in 1967:

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No, Dulce may not be about aliens.

There are two types of folks in this world — those who live in the real world and those who live in “dreamland“.
Which one are you?

If you live in “dreamland“, then CLICK AND READ:


You also need to be acquainted with:


DENVER – UNDATED: Major Jesse Marcel from the Roswell Army Air Field with debris found 75 miles north west of Roswell, NM, in June 1947. The debris has been identified as that of a radar target. The Air Force released a report on 24 June debunking reports of a UFO crash near Roswell, NM, in 1947. (Photo by: UNITED STATES AIR FORCE/AFP/Getty Images)

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