What is “reality”? – – that is the big question


by Norio Hayakawa – – May 6, 2017

We become absolutely speechless when it comes to describing how marvelous this Earth is that we are living in, considering that it is just a tiny planet of a rather seemingly insignificant solar system out of a countless number of such inside a corner of a vast galaxy which, in turn, is simply one of limitedless number of galaxies inside a rather insignificant, minuscule portion of this amazing, infinitely humongous, ever-expanding universe!!

When we look at the beautiful, star-filled night sky, several favorite questions often arise, such as “What is reality?”, “Why are we here?” and “Who is out there?”.

To be honest with you, I can only confidently answer those questions by saying “I don’t know”.

While living on this Earth, the only reality for sure that I have been aware of has been physical reality, the reality based on physical evidence, something that we can touch and measure.

Some folks, however, say that there are other “realities” in this vast cosmos.
But to me, unfortunately, it seems that most of us are limited in grasping what other “realities” are.

I would say that for most people, there is only one reality, i.e., the physical reality, the so-called real world.
Some others, however, say that there are “non-physical” realities that co-exist with our physical reality.

Those who believe that there are “non-physical” realities tend to be religious or spiritually oriented.
“Non-physical” realities seem to include emotion and beliefs.

In other words, “non-physical” realities seem to include such things as emotion, religion, beliefs, mysticism, myths and the paranormal.

There are many things in this physical existence that we still do not understand.
This is the reason why some folks like the popular motto, such as “I want to believe”, derived from the popular TV series “The X-files”:

But of course, there is a difference between “I want to believe” and “I believe”.

The so-called “UFO phenomenon” could be one of those things that we still do not fully understand.

However, even though it still remains unresolved, most people who believe they primarily live in the physical reality world (and that includes an overwhelming, vast majority of the world’s astronomers, scientists and engineers) do not seem to equate UFO phenomenon as conclusive evidence of physical ET visitations.

We must face the fact that the only discipline available so far to determine what is physically real is through the use of scientific or empirical methodology.

The late Carl Sagan who was considered to be one of the greatest gatekeepers of scientific credibility of the 20th Century said “I don’t want to believe, I want to know”:

Many folks therefore catergorize Carl Sagan as an atheist. But they are wrong.
Carl Sagan was never an atheist. He was simply an agnostic.

Just before he passed away in 1997, Carl Sagan wrote an excellent book entitled THE DEMON-HAUNTED WORLD – – Science as a candle in the dark – – ENLARGE IT BY CLICKING:

This New York Times-recommended best seller was a great, profound book telling us of the dangers of increasing preponderance of lop-sided, non-scientific thinking within a considerable segment of the American society.
The thinking process derived from scientific methods and deductions, based on reason and logic, seem to be on the decline among such segment of the population.
I can say for sure that Carl Sagan was absolutely right.

More and more folks seem to be having some difficulty in making a clear distinction between physical reality and “non-physical realities”, the latter of which seems to be primarily based on emotion and beliefs.

The danger comes when the belief in “non-physical realities” (which some people derogatively describe as “dreamland”) over-shadows the belief in physical reality (which most people call the “real world”).

I believe in both, but still (in my opinion) there has to be a balance.


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One thought on “What is “reality”? – – that is the big question

  1. Believe aka Belief. Both frame a Lie. Can you see it. Here, have a look, Be-Lie-ve, Be-Lie-f.

    Like Religions pray or is it prey. Pray, Amen, when preying the predator says Ahmen. Reality is so distracting and full of contradictions. Just when a tenable solution makes sense of it all, reality changes like a shape shifting fractal chameleon for the next round of explanation.

    In the Matrix I found that certain dialogue was solidly profound. The fact machines run the world is not that farfetched. An other worldly intelligence would not have the broad power to maintain this dream but a machine would. Genesis, if true, reports this is a garden to raise man. A place to harvest and pick from.

    In Matrix reloaded Neo, thanks to the Sareph, finds there are back doors to his reality when he enters from a hut into a hall and than exiting by another locked door to a park where the Oracle waits

    The Oracle greets Neo and Neo thinks and says, your not human, are you. The Oracle tells Neo about machines and programs running the world and there are programs for birds, trees, sunrise, sunset.

    The Oracle goes on to say there are programs doing what they were meant to do but the other ones, well you heard of them, Every time you’ve heard someone say they saw a ghost or an angel…
    every story you’ve ever heard about vampires, werewolves or aliens….is the system assimilating some program…that’s doing something they’re not supposed to be doing.

    Sounds plausible to me.


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