UFOs – – A grand deception by manipulative fallen entities?


UFOs – – a grand deception by manipulative fallen entities?

It is a well-known fact that John A. Keel and Jacques Vallee were two of the first big name researchers who had departed from the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) of the origins of UFOs and the UFO phenomenon.

Although it is still considered to be a minority view in the field of Ufology, quite a number of researchers followed suit, including J. Allen Hynek, Arthur C. Clarke, Whitley Strieber, John Mack, Karla Turner, Guy Malone, Joseph G. Jordan and L.A. Marzulli.

Many of them seem to have gone from ETH to the “Fallen” and “Malevolent”.

They seem to have conclude that UFOs are inter-dimensional and not from outer space.

I totally agree.

Since the late 1970s, I, too, have maintained  (and will continue to maintain)  my opinion that we have never been visited by physical ETs in their physical spacecraft (so far).

The reality, in my opinion, is that “they” are deceptive, manipulative and malevolent entities from another dimension, “posing” and deceiving us as “ETs” from highly advanced civilizations from outer space.

This does not mean that “benevolent” ones do not exist.

Maybe they are doing good works without being seen by most of us.   But the ones that are “making noise”, deceiving people and causing “confusion” are certainly not the “benevolent” ones.

Tom Farmer, a researcher, stated:

“John A. Keel pointed out 50+ years ago that UFOs come in too many form factors, “crash” too often and spout too much nonsense to contactees to be nuts-and-bolts spacecraft crewed by explorers from afar.

They are a current-frame-of-reference manifestations of a trickster intelligence that has always been with us.”


The UFO phenomenon appears to be able to materialize and de-materialize at will.

But more significant is its apparent inability to stay in our dimensional realm except for a few moments at a time, or only for a short period of time.

In other words, it seems apparent that they’re unable to survive in our physical dimension except for a very brief period of time, at a time.

As Dr. Jacques Vallee suggested quite often, “UFOs” may not necessarily be objects nor are they “flying” as we understand “flying” by the use of any propulsion system.

Yet they are even said to be able to affect our physical parameters (such as radar, etc.)

It seems to me that in many cases a “UFO”, after making an initial appearance to what I call a “pre-selected” observer (or observers), simply appears to take off at a tremendous speed and disappear into the distance as if utilizing some form of advanced propulsion system.

But could this be a deception?

In other cases, “UFOs” seem to simply hover or “float” (again, as if they’re utilizing some form of a propulsion system capable of “floating”) before taking off or even de-materializing.

But again, could this be a deception?



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12 thoughts on “UFOs – – A grand deception by manipulative fallen entities?

  1. Good article BTW. Great “outside the box” thinking. I agree. So many times I’ve stated to the “UFO Believers” that this phenomenon has many aspects to it. It is far more complicated, profound and unexpected than the simplistic “aliens from space” idea.

    Just my two cents.


  2. Ephesians 2:2 speaks of satan being “the prince of power of the air”. There are arguably different ways to interpret this of course. I cant see how Dr. Steven Greer encourages tryimg to sumon contact with these inter -and apparently trans- dimensional enteties, worse yet purporting to know they are benevolent. He admits to coming from an atheistic upbringing, so I suppose it’s easy not to fear that which one does not believe in. I find the UFO phenomena to be one the most perplexing and interesting subjects to confront mankind. If the areial anomalies we are seeing are not interdimensional or transdimensional, then it is terrestrial technology. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the latter. I wish it were true, but there is no more evidence for a secret space progarm than there is for ET. What the hell (pardon the pun) did I and others witness on two different occasions in the Tucson night sky a few years ago? What was the source of a massive blue light illuminating the desert floor my long time friend and respected former co-worker and his wife witnessed near the New Mexico border on their way home from a softball tournamnet five yeras ago? We can’t make definitve statemenst on the subject – nor can we ignore it. Keep us questioing what we read, see and hear!


  3. In France, some unsophisticated ufo buffs claimed recently that ‘Disclosure’ was at hand. So I more or less told them what follows:

    Disclosure? You said ‘Disclosure’? What do you mean by that?
    Is it disclosure like the disclosure, by the Government, or by several governments, at home and abroad of the existence, of the presence on our Planet of non-human but intelligent beings?
    (However short and discrete that presence would be it sure should be a hard nut to swallow).
    The said Disclosure is more properly called: The UFO Disclosure. UFO is for ‘Unidentified Flying Object’. The UFO Phenomenon encompasses more than ‘flying’ objects of unknown origin, but may going so far as including the reality of the presence of Alien entities, Aliens for short .
    What could be the meaning of ‘Disclosure’? Just to sample a few hypothesis, we could suggest:
    – The awareness of the covert intrusion of non-human intelligent beings among the people. Intrusion which could permanent, or of very short duration;
    – Secret deals between governments and Aliens. More likely, the governments would be superpowers, like the USA – obviously, the former Soviet Union – now deceased, and in recent times China – the superpower which may prevail in this century;
    – The retrievals of flying devices of unknown origin. “Crashed Saucers” for the sake of simplicity;
    – That last point may include the retrieval of alien corpses and even the capture and detention of the pilots and/or passengers of those ‘saucers’. If a few of those beings were held in custody by very secret agencies (way beyond the alphabet soup!) the worse could feared: harsh treatment, tortures, killings…
    All of those are speculative scenarios, worth of SF movies. Nowadays, many industrious, active people claim Disclosure is at hand. Mr. Greer did his best to popularize the concept, to no avail.
    One day or another it is possible that, as a last ditch maneuver, some governments – or a ‘One World Government’ – would decide to open all the secret files on UFOs and “Aliens”. It’s hardly believable that such declassification could happen in the near future. Some show-business characters go so far as to “seriously” forecast the Disclosure for June of this year 2017!

    I imagine Disclosure – it ever happens – to take place in a more or less distant time. When our Planet Earth will be a desolated place. Either by wars, ‘natural’ catastrophes, cosmic events… and, why not, a combination of all. Something which is not usually put forward is the huge overpopulation which already plagues our world. Any natural species which would allow itself to grow beyond reasonable limits would face ineluctably rapid extinction.
    We do not address here the lack of spiritual ideal in our western societies. Candlelight’s vigils, systematic Repentance Politics, and, above all the irrefragable culture of sports, from soccer, rugby to more sophisticated or individual habits like tennis, hockey or mountain climbing… The prevalent religion in so-called ‘democratic’ nations is indeed the unmitigated Cult of the Body (and especially cult of the Feminine Body). It is well-known that it heralds, among other peculiar tendencies , the decline of a civilization. Rome, and before it, the Babylonian, Persian, Medic and Greek empires paid by death the permissiveness of their morals.
    ‘Space Brothers’, splendid Atlantean-typed Aliens, Big-headed ‘humanoid’ monsters, Bigfoots – as pets, of course – may interfere to protect us from ourselves, and help us out of our deadly course. Until now, no sign of such an event has happened. That some of these ‘occupants’ from landed saucers may have been the present descendants of extremely ancient pre-glaciations Earth civilizations had been contemplated. But again, whatever the scenario, we should not expect global help from outsiders.
    Of course, daydreaming is still allowed…


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