UFO Culture is here to stay in America

(Above – – courtesy of Mysterious Universe)

by Norio Hayakawa, June 3, 2017:

I sometimes regret the fact that in the past few years I have allowed myself to become a “black sheep” of the family of a part of a larger “UFO community” by what some may describe as my “outrageous, lop-sided opinions and rantings” on Ufology , i.e., my somewhat skeptical attitude on the whole subject matter.

I have been cussed at and shunned by many die-hard “believers”.

Perhaps it is my fault.

I have been ridiculously categorized as a debunker, and in extreme cases I have been accused as being a paid government shill, just because I expressed my somewhat skeptical opinions.

I have also been accused to trying to be a Phil Klass-wanna-be.

In fact, I am not even qualified to be a debunker.

Ufology is a fascinating subject matter and will continue to be so, even though I personally have recently expressed my desire to slowly phase it out from my interests, unless some earth-shaking UFO incident takes place and UFOs become a mainstream concern.  (LOL!!)

In my view, Ufology is not so much a study on UFOs or Aliens, but rather, a great study about humans.

I will no longer call it a “sub-culture”.

It has firmly established itself as part of America’s culture.

But I am not a bad guy at all, in my heart.

All of you have been so kind, courteous and so friendly to me.

I will keep my friendship with everyone, regardless of the differences of opinion.

Life is too short.

I may only have a few more years to live.

There is no guarantee whether I  (or, for that matter, you)  will live to see the light of day tomorrow morning.

So with this, everyone, let’s continue our friendship.

For those who care to see my rantings, they’re here:


An interesting billboard that was constructed on I-25 and Paseo Del Norte in Albuquerque a few years ago….the billboard is no longer there:



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4 thoughts on “UFO Culture is here to stay in America

  1. You are a courageous and honest man, Norio, and I am honored to be your friend.

    By the way, I watched the new ‘X-Files’ series on French TV yesterday night, and i was pleased to see that it exposes – in my modest opinion – more truths than many so-called ‘documentaries’ on UFOs.
    Especially something which has no direct relationship whatsoever with UFOs: The 9/11 catastrophic event was mentioned by “Mulder”.

    I explain:
    There is something wrong with the official explanation.
    ISIS, DAESH, Al-Qaida, and even much of the Muslim organizations/people hate us [the West: they call us ‘Crusaders’ and ‘Jews’] so much that, if it would have been really them [the Bin Laden guys] who had committed that heinous crime of mass murder (and spectacular too), they WOULD HAVE DONE IT AGAIN somewhere in the world.
    They were not able to commit such a world-shattering act. (Attacks in London, Madrid, Paris… were plain, run-of-the-mill terrorists acts).

    The conclusion is:
    Terrorist Islamic movements did not do it. Somebody or something else did.


  2. The ill-fated Tower in London during the last few days did not crumble to dust, and did not fell at tremendous speed – as the Twin Towers did on 9/11.
    It – unfortunately but reallisticaly – comforts the conspiracy theorists: the planes impacts on the NYC Towers do not explain the way the Towers fell…
    Are we far away from UFOs?
    No. It’s an illustration of the way conspiracies happen in our present world.
    Another plot to explain further, would have been, for instance, the John F. Kennedy assassination in Dallas, TX, on Nov. 22, 1963. Who really believe Lee H. Oswald was the lone assassin? I mean, now in 2017?
    (I could even elaborate more on the ‘car accident’ which killed Princess Diana in Paris, France. The lone survivor of the crash, a body-guard, had his tongue cut off!).

    I apologize for not talking here about crashed saucers (Len Stringfield’s Crash-Retrievals of the 3rd Kind), and/or possibly non existent ‘Deep Underground Military Base, DUMB, as the late William C. Cooper used to call them.

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