Alien abductions – – fact, fiction or a great deception?

The case against literal, physical “alien abductions”

First of all, we have to bear in mind the fact that there is not even one single, tangible, solid, physical as well as credible documentary evidence whatsoever that we have ever been visited by physical extraterrestrial entities in physical spacecraft of any kind.

However, in this vast universe there could be some unknown ultra-dimensional entities who occasionally intrude into our physical realm, temporarily materializing (or giving the impression of “materializing” – –  to the observer) and deceptively posing as “aliens“.  Such entities cannot be benelovent but malevolent, using force to conduct meaningless physical examinations of “pre-selected” humans, using what appear to be primitive methods over and over again.  It is definitely not a sign of anyone from highly advanced, intelligent civilizations.

First, here is a thought-provoking comment from Bernie (on the Internet) on literal, physical “alien abductions”:


“I just don’t buy the (literal, physical) abduction thing, never have.

If these entities are so far advanced they can come here from galaxies far away, they must have way advanced methods.

Why do they seem to use “current” invasive tools to examine so-called abductees?

They would have devices like Bones used in Star Trek.

I don’t doubt these people had something traumatic happen to them but I don’t believe they were abducted by aliens.  Not for one second.

And let’s say they were actually abducted.  Again if these aliens were so advanced, why would have they to keep abducting people for decades to figure out how we work?

One more thing.

The whole alien/human hybrid baby thing is nonsense.

A rudimentary understanding of DNA tells you that cross breeding can only work if there is enough similarity between organisms.

What are the chances that some alien race’s DNA is similar enough to ours to allow procreation?

I mean we share like 90% of our genes with monkeys, but you’re not gonna get pregnant from monkey.

Why not ?

Prezygotic isolation.

So, if women can’t get pregnant from monkeys there is very little chance they will get knocked up by some alien race, unless those aliens were humans.

And what are the odds that these so-called Greys are human?

That my view from the bleachers.  I’ve been wanting to vent this for some time.”



The self-claimed abductee has an experience he or she cannot explain.

The self-claimed abductee convinces himself or herself that the experience (to them) was real.

The abductee remembers seeing at least one or two movies or TV documentaries about alien abductions recently or even years ago and comes to believe that this must be the exact same thing that must have happened.

(Some self-claimed abductees have been believers in UFOs or believers in some new paradigm or some type of a New Age thinking, to begin with – – Both Betty Hill and Travis Walton had already been a firm UFO believer even before their abduction claims.)

Soon the abductee gets some courage and takes a chance and tells about the experience to one or two trusted friends.

Soon some of their friends encourage her to write a book about it, or at least tell the story to a larger audience.

Soon the book becomes a big seller.

And sooner or later the abductee is in demand as a speaker at UFO conferences (the abductee starts feeling confident because no one will be able to contest their personal testimony because it’s coming from a sincere person and it will be extremely difficult for anyone to challenge such a sincere, personal testimony).

The abductee feels very important since he or she were “chosen” by aliens to be “selected” and therefore must be someone special.

The abductee becomes satisfied that he or she is now in some kind of an “elite” group of people and he or she is finally getting the attention from people like they never had before.

Soon the abductee starts “remembering” more in detail about their experience and begins to add a few more details that they never mentioned before.

The abductee joins a support group of “experiencers” and becomes more active in promoting their stories to listeners who attend UFO conferences or becomes a guest on Internet talk show programs.


Here is such a testimony by Camille (on the Internet):

“I couldn’t help but go public.

It was too important to keep to myself.

However, when I decided aliens are demons in disguise (after praying for the answer after 17 years), it was very humbling.

I dropped the “chosen” label I had reluctantly adopted from the UFO community, and felt sudden horrible remorse and contrition for focusing on them instead of on Christ, for wasting my passion, and for being deceived.”


The “alien abduction” seems to be a deceptive phenomenon perceived and experienced as real by the abductee alone, and connivingly “staged” to the victim by malevolent extradimensional entities of unknown origin.

By the way, do you know who has been promoting the great deception?:

The late Edgar Mitchell‘s organization, the Foundation For Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), seems to be spouting a great deception that we shouldn’t be afraid of “alien abductions” and that we should accept it because abduction is a positive experience.

Edgar Mitchell (some describe him as a UFO Conspiracy nut) was also the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a research group that explored into the nature and potentials of consciousness using multiple ways of knowing, including intuition, feeling and the senses — does this sound scientific?).

Sure, Mitchell towered above most of us – – his credentials as an accomplished astronaut.

However, he was not God.   He was just a human, like all of us, with his own pre-conceived belief and notions of things.



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3 thoughts on “Alien abductions – – fact, fiction or a great deception?

  1. I never felt chosen or wanted fame and fortune from my October 1988 abduction event up in Medway Maine. Telling people my story leaves some in awe and some mocking with ridicule.

    2007, winter time, I joined in a UFO group meeting in a Goodwill stores back conference room, Oshkosh Wi. It was packed that day with people standing. I could see this UFO thing is big by the crowd attending.

    My story flowed as I looked at the crowd intently fixed on my every word. Some were moving their heads back and forth with closed eyes while others, seated, looked down at the table before them. There was dead silence as my voice recounted that Medway Maine abduction event back there in 1988.

    At the time I didn’t fully understand this group was a religious gathering who believed in Aliens and the UFO. So I ended my experience with, to get to the light, one has to go through the darkness.

    The room erupted out of silence with voices calling out as palms of hands and fist were coming down on the table tops. People were extremely agitated and moving in their chairs denying my closing words. If there were a rope in that room, I am sure they would have dragged me out and hung me.

    That was the last time I attended one of their meetings. I have been banned, kicked and ridiculed in forums for writing things many refuse to even consider since it bumps their fragile comfort levels.

    By the way, did anyone ever notice the word Lie is nested in Believe and belief. I often wonder why.


  2. Before I had my first UFO sighting (three metallic-looking Interstellar vehicles were stationary in the sky, rather close), I felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to pray for protection. Had no idea what I was abt to see. When I turned down the rd. to go home, I was confronted with these ‘spaceships’ & all I could do was pray again. The fear lifted & curiosity kicked in. Blinked my lights 3 times, no response. I spoke out loud “Do you know Jesus?” After a few minutes I went home, passing in front of them(which I would advise against but I thought it was a test for me showing my trust in God.) I seemed to become obsessed with UFOS & Extraterrestrials. I burned all my UFO books. I had always been interested in the idea of life on other planets but when I bc a spirit-filled believer in Jesus, I didn’t think abt. it anymore. Now it was mostly what I thought abt. I think these ‘Extraterrestrials” are either fallen rebel angels, demons or Beings that have turned from God. I still believe that God being an Infinite Creative Intelligence, that He has probably created other Beings that are in a relationship with Him & serve Him in other dimensions.


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