Why can’t I see a UFO here in New Mexico, or anywhere else, for that matter?

Why can’t I see a UFO here in New Mexico, or anywhere else, for that matter?

I have lived in New Mexico continuously from 2008 till the present…and before, from 1965 to 1973.

So far I have never seen what I can definitely say is a UFO, even though I watch the skies almost every day and night…..absolutely none.

I even carry a pocket camera with me at all times…..and still haven’t seen a UFO.

And I am not talking about just some lights in the sky, which I see all the time and which, I am sure,  have prosaic explanations.

I am talking about the kind of sighting that my late beloved mother had in 1975:

My mother’s  ‘flying saucer’  sighting in 1975

This is why I feel that it’s the phenomenon itself  (“they”)  who control(s) the event and not us – – it’s the phenomenon  (“they”)  who pre-select(s) the observer(s), the location and time.

However, one time while living in Southern California, in 1993, around midnight, while standing right next to the fence of a Northrop radar cross section facility, a group of 5 of us did see what appeared to be 5 or 6 bright “incandescent” lights in a straight line  (just like a string-of-pearls)  in the sky above us, moving at a high rate of speed and absolutely silent, contracting and expanding  (just like an accordion)  as they flew towards Edwards Air Force Base.  Was it an after-effect of some kind of a pulse detonation engine of a secret aircraft?  I don’t know.

The only other time that I can say that I saw something that I couldn’t identify was around 1994 when I was walking on the Las Vegas strip at night, looking at the night sky. There was this strange rectangular object slowing moving high in the sky and I could see about 8 to 10 brilliant “balloons” moving inside the strange rectangular object.  I excitedly pointed it out to folks who were walking nearby but they weren’t interested.  I had no idea what they were.

Other than these, I have never seen what I consider to be a UFO.  And I have been involved with UFO research since around 1961, spending countless number of days and hours looking at the sky, both day and night, even telepathically asking for a sighting or a contact.

I actually spent more than 50 years of my life trying to look for a UFO or hoping for a UFO sighting anywhere.  But so far, nothing.

I have studied hundreds and hundreds of documents on UFOs, interviewed hundreds of people who had UFO sightings  (including many who claimed to have been abducted).

I have travelled far and wide, including Japan, Mexico, Chile and Argentina  (and even southern Europe)  hoping for a chance to sight a UFO.

Beginning around 1989, I spent many years investigating Area 51 in Nevada, accompanying TV crews and journalists.

Even now, I often visit the town of Dulce, New Mexico from time to time, since it is only about 3 hours away from where I live.   I have spoken with lots and lots of residents there who have told me that they have seen something.  But yet, I personally haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary in Dulce.

So far I have yet to see what I can definitely claim is a UFO.

I fully know that this is not about me.   Not at all.

I would do anything to be able to see a real UFO myself.

I would even pay anyone who can point out to me a real UFO.

Yet, all my efforts have been in vain.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is it because I am constantly carrying a pocket camera with me?

Or, is it because while acknowledging the reality of the UFO phenomenon, I am quite skeptical when it comes to “UFOs” as conclusive evidence of physical ET visitations in actual physical ET spacecraft?



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3 thoughts on “Why can’t I see a UFO here in New Mexico, or anywhere else, for that matter?

  1. More than the stationary string of five orbs myself and a family I was working with saw together in 3 Point AZ, I’m more intrigued by my friend and his wife’s account of a massive suppressed source of bluish light at the AZ/NM border that grew to hundreds of feet as whatever was covering the light presumably rose up rather quickly. He and his wife are completely indifferent to the subject. Both college graduates and long time employees of the legal system. I don’t think we are chosen to see such occurrences, it’s just random, strange luck.

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  2. I’ve seen and experienced all kinds of weird happenings: definite UFO silent craft wing-boomerang no navigation lights over Austin, TX in late 1990’s -almost certainly military, imo. Experienced sleep paralysis w/entity moving-up to my face pressing and indenting the bed next to me but only “knowing” it came to check me out for some reason. Completely paralyzed and aware. I only sensed it but felt it was connected to “shadow people”. I was alone but knew something was there, couldn’t find it after searching, and fell asleep. Seen actual “shadow ravens” perch nearby and fly down near me after waking from sleep at night. Seen shadow impressions in the wall or ceiling that looked like typical “spy man” in trench coat man w/40’s style hat. Heard a voice call my name for several nights over a few weeks but no one there. As a child saw a rocket launch visually with roaring sound within a 1/4 mile from my backyard at night. (Not real nuts & bolts, obviously.) This was when I knew of the Apollo launches.

    Why does any of these experiences have to be caused by anything but my own mind and what it believes or has learned??? There may be external stimulus, but that does NOT mean it is intelligent or really “there”. Of course, the PTB, Spooks, and MIC play these UFO games all the time.

    Now we have “Ink in the Well” agents like Linda MH, etc. that spread this poison everywhere. It’s INSANE. Probably has to do with all the Nuclear Weapons and other disgusting weapons testing, especially, PSYOPS too. Anything to distract the American People from our own evil and self-destructive ways.

    Blame the demons? We created all of this historically, and it’s exactly why these morph each time technology and cultures change. We are all of it. We are the demons too! And, there are plenty of evil humans that will prey on all these ideas to control and dominate us into submission.

    We obviously are not holistically one-being when we dream every night. We fragment into many “entities” during our sleep and play many roles. If there are other beings and entities that exist separately from us, then I do think this is where we might meet them. In our dreams and altered states of mind.


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