Anomalous “object” photographed over Farmington, New Mexico in 2011?


It is quite rare for me to post an item such as this, especially a photo such as this, unless I consider it to be significant.

I have known Dave Oz of Farmington for quite a number of years and I consider him to be a sincere and trustworthy colleague of mine in our mutual desire to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, whatever it is…..and going beyond the superficiality of speculations and not coming to a definitive, dogmatic conclusion of what it is.

Photo taken by Dave Oz on August 28, 2011 (between 9:03 p.m. and 9:13 p.m.) in his Farmington, New Mexico neighborhood.  A series of photographs shows an object hovering almost motionless and silent, slowly moving to the left.  The stars are showing some streak, yet the object is quite stationary.

I know that Dave carries his camera (I am not talking about a cellphone) with him quite often (just like me).  I would say that he was lucky at this moment when he took this fascinating photo.  I wish it was me who took it, but I rejoice just as much the fact that it was he who was lucky enough to take this photo that evening

I am certain that this photo was analyzed by many photo specialists in detail, such as for possible lens flare, light from the streetlight reflected by the lens elements, etc.

But it seems that nothing conclusive has come up regarding this.

It is my understanding that Dave did see both the object above as well as the street lamp at the same time with his naked eye.

According to Dave, he took the photo while taking pictures of lightning, thinking the object was a bright star before photographing.  It moved very slowly to the left, changing angles.  After loading it in the computer, he zoomed it in realizing it was not a star.

According to Dave, “there’s always going to be skeptics, no matter how accurate your findings or evidence presented.  I’ve seen lens flares in photos, but few ever have detail, or drift and change angles like what I photographed.   I did see the object glowing dimly, thinking it was a star.  By the way, I remember talking to a young Navajo gal after showing her the photo, telling me she saw the “craft-object” floating over Ojo Amarillo Canyon 10 miles west of Farmington, while we were in math class at San Juan College.”

According to Dave, “lens flare is not an issue, since there is no bright object in another photo taken nor others after the time frame on the same spot with tripod:


…..time/date is 9:15 p.m., 08/28/2011 using a Sigma 28-70mm lens at F5 aperature.  Multi-coated Hoya filters used to prevent lens flare.  The “object” (the first photo on this page) was photographed between 9:03 p.m. to 9:13 p.m.  All seen here in this other photo are stars with minimal streaking on a 20-second exposure, clouds starting to move in from a storm.”

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, Dave again returned to the exact spot and took the following photo, showing no lens flare:



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2 thoughts on “Anomalous “object” photographed over Farmington, New Mexico in 2011?

  1. Through your influence, that of Dr.’s Jacques Vallee and John E. Mack, I so far have come to the most sensible conclusion that the most bizarre of these intrusions are real and inter-dimensional in nature. The bigger question for me is are they the things the Bible references as having a possible malevolent, deceptive nature or is it something else? I’ve been studying the 1994 Zimbabwe UFO incident since learning about it this summer and find it one of the spookiest and most believable cases I’ve ever heard of. I don’t see how in the world someone like Dr. Steven Greer can postulate that this could be a black project “operation” as he so often uses that term.


    • Thank you so much, Dave, for your great comment, and also thank you so much for your long years of research and I definitely consider you a great research colleague of mine.
      I totally am in agreement with you that the most bizarre of these intrusions are real and inter-dimensional in nature.
      It is my conclusion and also the belief of most biblical scholars that indeed after God created this entire universe, He created untold number of angelic entities in the universe and gave them a special domain in the universe. However, later on there was a cosmic-shaking revolt led by Lucifer and one third of the entire angelic entities joined Lucifer’s forces. Lucifer became Satan and his followers, “fallen angels”. They were thrown out of their special domain by God and were hurled down towards the Earth. It is my belief that they (the “fallen ones” or malevolent ones) are paraphysical in nature.
      In other words, in this cosmos, for every “malevolent” entity, there are two “benevolent” ones who have not followed Lucifer. The “benevolent” entities or benevolent angelic entities exist but for the most part they are not seen physically (although on few occasions they may have also appeared paraphysically to some folks, as the Bible says some people unknowingly may have kindly welcomed them or entertained them at home, in certain cases).
      But the ones that are causing confusion, problems and deceiving our people are not the benevolent ones, they are the malevolent ones, primarily “posing” as physical alien entities from advanced faraway outer space civilizations.
      This is not only my take, but a lot of biblical scholars seem to be in agreement.


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