My views on the alleged Project Blue Beam

by Norio Hayakawa:

Although there is no credible documentary evidence whatsoever of the existence of NASA’s Project Blue Beam, it has been a popular conspiracy theory  (some people call this the ultimate conspiracy)  since around 1994 when it was first introduced by a Canadian journalist by the name of Serge Monast.

The alleged Project Blue Beam claims that in the far future NASA will attempt to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head to establish a New World Order  (a.k.a., a One World Government, a Global Government, a Global Order),  via a technologically-simulated “Second Coming”.

My realistic view is that at this point in time, we do not have enough sophisticated technologies yet to implement this alleged program.  It would probably take another 25 to 30 years before we will have all those technologies to orchestrate a global, simultaneous event as the one described in this conspiracy.

By the way, proponents of this theory allege that Monast and another unnamed journalist, who both died of heart attacks in 1996, were in fact assassinated, and that the Canadian government kidnapped Monast’s daughter in an effort to dissuade him from investigating Project Blue Beam.

(On a personal level, for a short time I had the honor of corresponding with Serge Monast in 1993 and 1994.

Of course it was quite a shock to me when I found out in 1996 that he had suddenly passed away of a heart attack at his residence.)

The four steps, as proposed by Serge Monast are:


This requires the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge.  This will apparently be accomplished by faking earthquakes at precise locations around the planet.  Fake “new discoveries” at these locations “will finally explain to all people the error of all fundamental religious doctrines”, specifically Christian and Muslim doctrines.


This involves a gigantic “space show” wherein three-dimensional holographic laser projections will be beamed all over the planet — and this is where Blue Beam really takes off.  The projections will take the shape of whatever deity is most predominant, and will speak in all languages. At the end of this light show, the gods will all merge into one god, the Antichrist.


This is “Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication.”  It involves making people think their god is speaking to them through telepathy, projected into the head of each person individually using extreme low frequency radio waves.


This has three parts:

Making humanity think an alien invasion is about to occur at every major city;

Making the Christians think the Rapture is about to happen;

A mixture of electronic and supernatural forces, allowing the supernatural forces to travel through fiber optics, coax, power and telephone lines to penetrate all electronic equipment and appliances, that will by then all have a special microchip installed.

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4 thoughts on “My views on the alleged Project Blue Beam

  1. That was an excellent interview and response. PBB, if real, would be extraordinarily ambitious and it’s deceptive intent, as described, demonic and playing into a grander scenario foretold in the Bible. If this is the case, then efforts for a one-world government will ultimately be short lived and in vain, since Jesus emerges victorious. It seems you can’t have the notion of PBB without the acceptance of the predictive narratives of the Bible. On the surface of it, both make outlandish claims, however there is a greater precedent set for belief in the latter, as many prophecies and promises have already been fulfilled. I hope you get a chance to review the high strangeness of the 1994 Zimbabwe UFO incident. The website “Ariel Phenomenon” has a startling film trailer released this past August, and their FB page is updated regularly with links to full, recent interviews with now-adult witnesses as well as related clips.


  2. They are creating earthquakes now utilizing HAARP. They have been using holograms a long time such as in 9/11 when they projected airplanes on the missiles they used to begin the building demolition. I don’t know about the low-frequency voices. I think they’re at a point where they can pull it off. All else under Biden seems fake–why not?


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