Should Richard C. Doty, self-claimed government UFO disinformant, be tried for “domestic terrorism”? – – It will never happen

“I do not have anything to do with UFO research or investigations.  I attempted to perform certain duties which would enable our team to trap possible foreign agents working against the interest of the United States.  My supervisors, however, saw my actions as being unauthorized.  Therefore, I was asked to leave AFOSI, which I did voluntarily” – – Richard C. Doty

The UFO community has been familiar with Richard C. Doty, self-proclaimed “disinformation agent” who used to work as an AFOSI officer in Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Doty now goes by the name of Rick Doty on Facebook:

Richard C. Doty allegedly fed a lot of misinformation to Bennewitz which eventually caused Bennewitz’s mental deterioration and paranoia, to the point of hospitalization.  Doty’s claim was that he was part of the governmental ploy to detract attention away from Bennewitz’s interest in pursuing military research projects such as Project Starfire within the Kirtland Air Force Base.  Of course, it ended up with Bennewitz’s misinterpretation of what he witnessed there.

The same goes for William L. Moore.  It seems to me that both William L. Moore and Richard C. Doty, together, or if not, individually, fed disinformation to Paul Bennewitz allegedly under the delegated authority from the CIA or NSA.

But this may simply be just their grandiose claims that they were officially assigned this task by these governmental agencies.

However, it is difficult to obtain any documented governmental evidence that they were officially part of that assignment.

It is quite possible that they did all that primarily on their own, and not officially sanctioned by governmental agencies.

Paul Bennewitz passed away in 2003.

Bennewitz’s sons today operate the business  (Thunder Scientific Corporation, located right next to the main gate of Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque)  but refuse to talk about their late father, since they are still doing business with the Air Force.

In his excellent book, “DULCE BASE: The Truth And Evidence From The Case Files of Gabe Valdez”, Greg Valdez, middle son of the late Gabe Valdez  (New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of Dulce, New Mexico for many years)  brings out some significant points:

He writes:

“The transfers of Maj. Earnest Edwards  (Kirtland Security Police)  and Richard C. Doty  (of AFOSI)  to Germany coincided with the involvement of Senator Peter Domenici in the mystery.

As his office began inquiries into the activities in Dulce to the Air Force, Richard C. Doty and Maj. Earnest Edwards ended up in Germany.

It was also at this time that Doty ‘retired’  from the Air Force, and it appears from other evidence that he was forced out of the Air Force.

Senator Domenici was very influential with the Los Alamos and Sandia Laboratories, and his inquiries were more than likely what ended Richard C. Doty’s Air Force career.

What is also important to remember is that the NSA  (as well as CIA)  never obtains search warrants to place listening devices in homes.

Under the guise of ‘National Security’, they placed these warrantless bugs in Gabe Valdez’s and Manuel Gomez’s homes in Dulce, New Mexico.

That type of covert activity is usually conducted by the NSA or CIA, and usually outside the general working proceedings of the AFOSI.

It’s also something the CIA typically gets involved in, especially if the mystery aircraft  (that allegedly crashed on Mount Archuleta, northwest of Dulce, New Mexico in 1983)  was a CIA aircraft”.

I am just simply quoting from Greg Valdez’s book.

For a while, Richard C. Doty worked as a State policeman in the small community of Grants, New Mexico.

However, he is no longer associated with New Mexico State Patrol.

The problem with Richard C. Doty is that he was  (and still is) spewing out UFO nonsense even after he became a State policeman, and even after he left.

Recently he appeared in a documentary title “MIRAGE MEN“.

It seems to me that this documentary was nothing but double-talk by Doty.

It seems to me that Richard C. Doty  (with zero credibility)  conveniently claims he promoted the UFO mythology basically as a cover for secret aviation technologies developed during the Cold War.

Yet he himself seems to be a firm believer in some of the very same UFO mythologies he claims he promoted, such as his claims that humans were genetically manipulated by extraterrestrials!!

The bottom line to all this is the question:

Was Richard C. Doty, while under the employ of AFOSI, fully responsible for ruining the life of Albuquerque businessman, Paul Bennewitz?

I am not saying that he was.  I am simply asking this question.

Of course, if he was, then some day soon Richard C. Doty will have to pay for what he has done!!

Here is a comment from R. Edmund Gomez, one of the sons of Manuel Gomez, proprietor of formerly the largest cattle ranch in Dulce, New Mexico:

“Based on his stated intentions, law abiding U.S. citizens were treated as “possible foreign agents” for defending their family and property.  Was breaking into civilian homes and stealing pictures and documents, planting electronic listening devices, making threatening telephone calls and, overall, violating basic U.S. civil rights part of his M.O.?  If so, he is a domestic terrorist, a criminal and coward and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!  Oh, by the way, he was commissioned a New Mexico State Police officer after being terminated from the U.S. armed forces for performing his atrocities.  God help us”.

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By his actions, did Richard C. Doty, by his actions, ruin the life of Albuquerque businessman, Paul Bennewitz? – – CLICK and read the following article:




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As I mentioned, Doty now goes by the name of Rick Doty on Facebook:

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