Skeptics weigh in on the latest Navy UFO footage – – March 14, 2018

by Robert Sheaffer – – March 14, 2018


As has been the case these past few months, discussions of Tom DeLonge, his TO THE STARS  “Public Benefit Corporation,” and the supposed Pentagon UFO program, Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, have sucked all of the air out of other UFO-related discussions.

As you have undoubtedly heard unless you have been hiding under a rock, TO THE STARS ACADEMY has released a third infrared UFO video, supposedly declassified by the recent Pentagon UFO Program.  TO THE STARS claims to have a “chain of custody” for these videos, showing the process of their release by the Pentagon, but nobody has seen it.

Also, why are all of the supposed Pentagon UFO videos in the infrared?  Doesn’t the military have ordinary video cameras?  Undoubtedly they do, but when birds or balloons turn up on ordinary video, they are immediately recognized.  Is it perhaps because they have no real understanding of how these FLIR devices operate, and lots of things thus become UFOs?  And only the Raytheon FLIR systems on the F-18 ever turn up UFOs – no other cameras, and on no other aircraft?

The best critical examination of the Go Fast video thus far is on Mick West’s Metabunk:

“GO FAST” footage from Tom DeLonge’s TO THE STARS ACADEMY – – bird? – – balloon?

West argues that the object’s apparent rapid motion is due to the parallax effect of the aircraft’s motion.  There are several models of a 3-D representation showing the object and the jet, using the information provided in the FLIR display.  The consensus seems to be that the object is about 10 feet across, and traveling slowly enough to be a bird or a balloon.

But wait, it gets curiouser: according to poster Blu3Skies on Reddit,

If you look to the right side of the sensor overlays you’ll see a 4 digit code…  That is the laser PRF code set for laser guided munitions…. Gimbal video is PRF code 1688.  It took place in 2015 off the East Coast.  Go Fast video is PRF code 1688. Articles sight [sic] it as taking place off the East Coast.  Gimbal and Go Fast are both pieces of the same video it appears.  No discrepancies in location or time as of now, however, this begs the question whether TTSA is cutting and feeding these videos to us to keep funds rolling in OR the gov is cutting/splicing and releasing them to TTSA intentionally this way.

So it appears that the Gimbal video, and the Go Fast video, were taken by the same aircraft, by the same pilot, on the same mission, and less than 20 minutes apart:

CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – Mick West compares the data received for Go Fast (left) and Gimbal (right)

While this has not been absolutely confirmed yet, it certainly appears to be true.  Comparing the two videos, Mick West says that “The display configuration is all essentially the same.  The time code at the bottom is in seconds, with a difference of 991 seconds (16.5 minutes) between the end of GO FAST (4254) and the start of GIMBAL (5245)”

Others have remarked that the pilot’s voice on the two videos sounds like the same guy, especially when he says “dude!”.


Again, from Robert Sheaffer:


To summarize, there are no documents to support what Elizondo says about AATIP, and their absence is very curious.

Do we have anything to document, other than Elizondo’s word, that this AATIP program even existed?  Might AATIP have existed only as a “Rogue program,” never actually sanctioned?




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