A stronger, re-armed Japan is a must for Asia’s stability

by Norio Hayakawa

August 3, 2018

For too long, Japan has endured continual harassment from North Korea and even from Red China which keeps harping endlessly on Japan’s past atrocities in World War II.

Sure, what Japan had done during World War II to the people of the Korean peninsula, China and other nations of Southeast Asia was utterly horrible(What Japan had done to the U.S., the Philippines, Australia, etc. etc. was utterly horrible as well, i.e., Pearl Harbor, the Bataan March, etc., etc.) 

What Japan had done even way before World War II was illegal, i.e., the annexation of Taiwan in 1895 as well as the annexation of the Korean peninsula in 1910.

Those atrocious acts as well as illegal acts will never ever be forgotten by those who had suffered from the Japanese military.   And rightly so, even though Japan has many times profusely apologized and compensated sufficiently with economic grants and assistance for all its past atrocities it committed especially during World War II.

But it is very important to face reality now.  We now live in a different era.   We live in the present, and not in the past.

A few years ago,  North Korea test-flew its missile brazenly over Japan’s airspace.

North Korea also had snuck past Japan’s maritime boundary line and abducted its citizens.

North Korea still refuses to publicly admit its criminal conduct and to properly disclose the whereabouts of the abductees.

It’s about time that Japan re-arm itself and join the ranks of adult nations that have proper and sufficient defense capabilities.

It’s about time that Japan scrap its outdated Constitution which was imposed upon immediately after World War II and begin to arm itself sufficiently and assume more responsibility in this new century, lessening the burden for the U.S.

For too long, Japan has been seen simply as an economic monster whose sole interest was in becoming a dominant economic power.

With the creation of a respectable military, the defense industry of Japan will create more job opportunities for the people.

It will be beneficial for the youths of Japan who seem to live today with hardly any sense of national pride or identity.

Times are changing.  We cannot eternally go on living with a World War II mindset.

I fully support the creation of a full-fledged Japanese Army, Navy and Air Force that could defend on its own from such as North Korea.

The days of restrained Self-Defense Forces of Japan must come to an end.

I believe in a stronger Japan that will take more responsiblity than just concentrating on economic interests.

Japan should no longer kowtow to the harassment from North Korea or Red China.

Japan should re-arm itself fully so that it could, on its own, completely defend itself from any threats.

This is the only way to gain back respect.

This does not mean that Japan will revert itself back to the World War II mentality to dominate Asia.  It will never ever happen.   Japan learned its lessons fully.

But first,  Japan needs a strong leader who will be brave enough to disassociate himself with the controversial Yasukuni Shrine which became a burial site for past Japanese war criminals and which has virtually become a hated symbol of Japanese military atrocities, rightfully despised by many in Asia.

It is my sincere hope that such a brave leader will appear in Japan in the near future.

In the meantime, a strong U.S. – Japan bilateral relationship must continue.

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and other Southeast Asian nations, together with the U.S., should work together politically and militarily to strengthen the defense of Asia from any rogue nations or any global terrorist groups and help consolidate the stability, peace and guarantee of democracy in Asia.



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4 thoughts on “A stronger, re-armed Japan is a must for Asia’s stability

  1. Japan needs the full and equivalent (defense) capabilities as their threats possess. There is no logical reason for them to be any less than that.


  2. What Japan did before WW2 was mimick European imperialism and colonization of the world. Japan would have also become a western colony if it didn’t expand. China, Korea and Taiwan were to weak to defend themselves. Japan was the only industrialized country that could compete with western influence in Asia. The islands north of Japan were stolen by Russian imperialism (Karafuto and the kurils) which historically belong to Japan. So Japan had to expand into East Asian continent to protect itself from Russia and other western imperialist countries.

    Japan got into ww2 and expanded to protect itself and other asian countries from western colonization. Sure Japan did some terrible things, but so did western countries for centuries as they colonized North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Siberia, India and Asia.

    Japan has been a pacifist country for many decades. Japan just like any other country deserves to have a normal military. Then the USA can do less obligations to protect Japan. Karafuto and the kuril islands should be returned to Japan since they originally were Japanese and occupied by Japanese including Ainu long before the Russians stole Siberia.

    Japan has learned form the past. That does not mean that Japan should forever be a pacifist country. It is impossible due to the increasing threat from North-Korea, China and Russia. Japan is essential to create balance in Asia and to protect Taiwan and other small Asian countries from big bullies (China and Russia).


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