An excellent commentary on the UFO phenomenon, citing the 1994 Ruwa, Zimbabwe case

by UFO phenomenon commentator David L. – – November 12, 2018


On one hand, I have decided, largely based on the 1994 Ruwa, Zimbabwe UFO report  (craft landing and occupants disembarking)  witness claims, that we are being visited by another civilization with nuts and bolts craft.

Given that, perhaps said craft and beings can at least appear to us as such; manifesting in our physical reality through unfathomable means of manipulation of the physics of time and space as we understand it.

That said, my competing  (or at least co-existing belief as a Christian)  is that some, if not all sightings and experiences could be demonically produced to confound and deceive.*

(*David’s use of “some” is quite significant because it is in line with many Christian researchers, like myself, who maintain that only a third of the entire cosmic entities are in this category, i.e., the fallen or malevolent ones while two thirds are benevolent ones commonly known as benevolent angelic entities – – NH)

Either way, in both scenarios I am speaking hypothetically about cases that unequivocally can not be attributed to having earthly origins.

In this second hypothesis, the phenomenon operates in a spiritual realm and may only appear as hardware, but in fact are not and therefore incapable of becoming so, much less ever leaving behind physical evidence.

One would have to come from an Abrahamic world view to accept this of course, which has its own “show-me-the-evidence” challenges, particularly in the UFO community it seems.

Referring back to my Christian world view, I can accept the nuts-and-bolts hypothesis coexisting with my eschatological beliefs for a couple of reasons.

First, there is no claim in the Bible that man is the only intelligent, sentient being in the universe.  The Christian message is, as you know, that there is a plan for the culmination of human history as we know it.  There is no mention that this plan includes all possible life forms that may potentially be inhabiting other parts of the universe created by God.



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