Bob Lazar’s claims regarding Alien technology at Area 51

I remain highly skeptical about any Alien technology associated with Area 51  (or to be more specific, at the alleged S-4 by Papoose Lake as had been claimed by Bob Lazar).  It seems that gullible folks believe in fiction rather than in reality.

To me, it is doubtful that there has been any UFO/ET activity at Area 51, despite Bob Lazar‘s proverbial claims  (same old unsubstantiated story, with nothing new that has come up to confirm his claims).

Yes, Bob Lazar did tell a nice story.   In fact, a great story.   But the fact is that it simply remains just a story.  It appears to be a cleverly made story at that.  Needless to say, it is extremely difficult to prove its authenticity.

It is more important to ask why he had to tell his dubious and largely unsubstantiated story which seems to be persistently peddled by debonair raconteur, George Knapp, who practically made a secondary career promoting Bob Lazar’s story.

Lazar could not have gotten a Compartmentalized Security clearance having operated a brothel.

(CLICK TO ENLARGE ABOVE – – the original “paycheck” of Bob Lazar, with his “fake” Soc. Sec. No. – – it did not belong to Bob Lazar but to a lady from New York whose first name was Carol and last name Strong, i.e., Bob Lazar’s first wife, Carol.  Everybody knows that Bob Lazar’s first wife, Carol Nadine Strong, committed suicide on April 21, 1986 in the garage at home in Las Vegas.  Also, it is important to understand that by 1986, Bob Lazar was heavily in debt from several banks in Los Alamos, NM, as well as from other financial institutions.)

There is not one shred of tangible, solid, physical as well as irrefutable documentary evidence whatsoever that conclusively proves that Area 51 had anything to do with Aliens or UFOs.

That is the bottom line.

While open to the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in this vast universe, the overwhelming majority of the world’s astronomers and scientists are skeptical about us ever been visited by any physical, extraterrestrial spacecraft of any kind, maneuvered or manipulated by any physical extraterrestrial biological entities of any kind.

In the meantime, as far as Area 51 is concerned, it continues to be a vital research, development and test conglomerate facility managed by a detachment from Southern California’s Edwards Air Force Base (Air Force Test Center) and supported by our hard-earned tax dollars, for our national defense interest.

It has nothing to do with “UFOs” or “Aliens”.

It’s pure American leading-edge military technologies at work.

It’s there to develop advanced weapons systems that will ultimately protect our nation from any hostile nation and other enemies, foreign as well as domestic.


One of the lamest excuses held by fanatic believers of Bob Lazar is that he hadn’t changed his story over the years.  It’s not extremely difficult for any highly intelligent person  (and Lazar indeed was highly intelligent in that sense)  to keep telling the same story from the beginning, making sure not to change anything even after many years.

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6 thoughts on “Bob Lazar’s claims regarding Alien technology at Area 51

  1. Element 114?
    Unumpentium, if I’m pronouncing it right.
    He mentioned it back in the Eighties. He’s since been added to the “Periodic table of elements”
    Sounds like he was ” in the know” to Me.


  2. John Lear swears by Lazar’s story. He’s been standing by it for years. What did they see in the sky in March 1989 when it was still possible to go near Area 51?
    This from 1992 = George Knapp 1992 Interview about Bob Lazar and Area 51 / S4 #1


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