“BOB LAZAR, AREA 51 AND FLYING SAUCERS” – – a meaningless documentary

A meaningless documentary based on Lazar’s same old, same old dubious and unsubstantiated claims with nothing new to show, and peddled by debonair raconteur George Knapp who made a secondary career promoting Lazar’s nonsense.  Click the following link to see an excellent review of this movie:


Bob Lazar did tell a nice story.   In fact, a great story.   But the fact is that it simply remains just a story.  It appears to be a cleverly made story at that.  Needless to say, it is extremely difficult to prove its authenticity.

It is more important to ask why he had to tell his dubious and largely unsubstantiated story which seems to be persistently peddled by debonair raconteur, George Knapp, who practically made a secondary career promoting Bob Lazar’s story.

There is not one shred of tangible, solid, physical as well as irrefutable documentary evidence whatsoever that conclusively proves that Area 51 had anything to do with Aliens or UFOs.



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4 thoughts on ““BOB LAZAR, AREA 51 AND FLYING SAUCERS” – – a meaningless documentary

  1. Watched the new Lazar movie last night. Absolutely nothing convincing in it. It tried to prevent Lazar as someone who is reticent to tell his story. Instead of offering any anything concrete, he tries to shift the burden of proof off of himself. He draws a diagram of how a flying saucer works. That’s nice. I’ve seen diagrams of how the warp core on the starship Enterprise works too.

    The one thing of note: He said the “aliens” at S4 were referred to by workers as “the kids.” In Annie Jacobsens Area 51 book she (controversially) quote an anonymous source who said the Roswell saucer was an object sent by Russia as psychological warfare, and the “aliens” inside were in fact children who had been cruelly experimented on. There may be some unintentional harmony between what he did overhear and what Jacobsens source revealed.

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