The now-defunct Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program – – it was filled with pseudoscience and BS

by Robert Sheaffer, January 20, 2019:


Australian Keith Basterfield has now given us a closer look at a briefing document prepared by AATIP, the Pentagon’s now-defunct UFO investigation program set up by Senator Harry Reid, and apparently for the benefit of Robert Bigelow.   (and using our tax dollars)

These documents appear to have been leaked from “a certain US website maintained by a team member of the TO THE STARS ACADEMY (TTSA)(other sources name this person as Chris Mellon).

The most interesting slide is this one.  It shows that AATIP was firmly planted in the zone of fantasy science, not the real world:


So, AATIP says that “the science exists” for “Psychotronic weapons,” that we need to defend ourselves against.  One website describes “Psychotronic weapons” as any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person  (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)  through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations or the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations.

The silver lining is that “psychotronic weapons” have not been shown to exist.

Their use has been alleged  (for example, against U.S. diplomats in Havana),  but such allegations have never been proved.  Conspiracy-oriented websites are filled with accounts of supposed government “mind control,” and the best defense against “psychotronic weapons” is apparently a tinfoil hat.

AATIP is convinced that such weapons do exist, or could be developed, and they want money to work on this.


Thank God that AATIP  (that used our hard-earned tax dollars) is now a defunct program!!



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