The strange nature and origin of the UFO phenomena

A fascinating letter from a reader:

Hello Norio:


I do not want to pester you nor is what I am about to pose in any way intended to challenge your cosmology, world view or faith.

I want to ask you a couple of questions with the utmost respect and consideration for your work and opinions.

Allow me to preface this by saying I have listened to the theory promulgated by the late welsh-born Pastor Dr. IDE Thomas, who was featured in the 1990’s documentary “The Omega Conspiracy” in which he essentially insists that the Nephilim mentioned in the book of Genesis were not giants, but in fact “strange creatures that appeared from space” meaning fallen angels – – who worshipped Lucifer, and procreated with pre-flood era women.  His explanations can easily be found by searching his name on YouTube.

Thomas cites noted ancient scholars who held this belief up until the past 500 years, but because of how difficult it was for modern scholars to accept the bizarreness of the space-humanoid hypothesis, it was eventually abandoned.

I believe that God created the universe and “all things in it” as stated in Genesis, but has sent his Son Jesus to fulfill a plan exclusive for mankind – – and not all living things in the universe — of which may or may not possess the ability to present themselves in our physical, consensus reality.

Having said this, I believe there are demonic spirits in our realm apart from any potential living biological entity elsewhere outside our planet.

In my own life I pray for protection from such malevolent spirits or persons who may have such nefarious spirits inhabiting them.

My questions :

(1)  With all the aforementioned points in mind, do you believe that the absence of physical evidence of extraterrestrial visitations  (despite wild claims of bodies and materials, etc.)  thus far strengthens the case for “aliens” as deceptive, malevolent spiritual manifestations?  By this I mean visible intrusions  (however temporary)  of what amounts to as merely a mirage or holographic like projection;  in other words something that can not be captured and is incapable of leaving physical traces of its visitation.

(2)  If ever a strange piece of “craft” material or some biological entity could be substantiated as not being of earthly origin, do you believe it could still qualify as “Demonic”, for lack of a better word, or is that realm restricted by an inability to present physical evidence, as I alluded to?

Citing the Zimbabwe UFO case, I unquestionably believe one thing:  One, the children saw exactly what they reported.

What I ponder are the reports of telepathic messages warning of environmental Armageddon  (a false prophetic delusion?)  Were the children intentionally chosen over adults, and if so why?

(An amazing UFO incident – – what took place at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994)

Finally, the fact that the children report being within 3-5 feet of said creature(s), both parties stayed with in their “boundaries”.  The no-go zone logs divided them physically from the wild botanical elements outside the playground – and metaphorically, it seems – all which for me personally raises a series of spiritual, conclusionary questions:

Could this “visitation” be a paranormal, grand delusion episode manifesting as physical hardware and biological entities, all the while there was nothing solid there?

If one of the children had reached out to touch the being would the event have disappeared instantly?  Was the innocence of the children protected by “good” angels?

I suppose this can never be fully learned.

I realize you are not a theologian but again, I respect your work and your subtle but seemingly  (forgive me if I am wrong)  more public declaration of your Christian faith in recent years.  Do not feel obligated to reply, I just wanted to get these ponderings off my conscious.


I am retired from 28 years of probation work, work part time and practice and teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Outside of media, there’s no one in my familial or social circles who give much if any thought to what I believe is the greatest mystery of our time:

The nature and origin of the UFO phenomena.

I greatly appreciated your blog, the time you took to read this long-winded letter (!)  and I continue to look forward to new entries you post.

Best wishes,

David L.




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2 thoughts on “The strange nature and origin of the UFO phenomena

  1. Biblically, I fully agree that “the Nephilim mentioned in the book of Genesis were not giants” (and I am momentarily bypassing the fact that the English term “giants” is vague, generic, subjective and un-biblical). I disagree that they were “‘strange creatures that appeared from space’ meaning fallen angels” since the fallen Angels were the Nephilim’s dads and well, they came from beyond “space.”


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