“Deadly force” signs are gone from Area 51 since 2016, but trespassers will still easily be caught and will be charged with espionage

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – courtesy of Joerg Arnu of Dreamland Resort)

Most folks seem to be unaware that in late 2015 the warning signs at Groom Lake Road “gate” have been replaced with new signs.

All of the old signs are gone.

There are identical new signs on either side of the road since 2016.

No more “Use of deadly force authorized” signs.

The new signs warn that it is illegal to fly drones in the area.

The line across the road is now clearly marked and the border a few hundred feet on either side of the road is marked with concertina wire.

A new mobile, remote-controlled FLIR camera tower, similar to the one that was added at the back gate a few years ago, now sits next to the road a short way inside the perimeter.  FLIR stands for “forward looking infrared”, meaning those cameras are designed to see even at night.

ABOVE, from Joerg Arnu of Dreamland Resort.

Yes, it is of utmost importance to know that anyone that trespasses will still easily be caught and will be charged with espionage, a serious federal crime that will affect your future.

What happens if I cross the Area 51 border?

“If you cross the border of the restricted area surrounding Area 51 FOR ANY REASON, the security guards, known as ’cammo dudes’, will detain you.  You will be pulled out of your vehicle, and held at gunpoint, face down on the ground.  The cammos will call the Lincoln County Sheriff.

When the sheriff shows up (usually about an hour later) he will arrest you and you may get to see the inside of the Lincoln County jail, while the sheriff investigates your story.

If he concludes that you accidentally crossed the line, you will be released after receiving a $650 citation for trespassing and a notice by the “Installation Commander” of an unspecified “Military Installation” that you are not welcome there.  In more severe cases the fine may be up to $5000 and possibly up to 6 months in jail.”

AGAIN ABOVE, from Joerg Arnu of Dreamland Resort.

Area 51 is a vital U.S. Air Force-based research, development and test complex for various programs relevant to our national defense interests and supported by our hard-earned tax dollars.

It has nothing to do with “UFOs” or “Aliens”.

It’s pure American leading-edge military technologies at work.

It’s there to develop advanced weapons systems that will ultimately protect our nation from any hostile nation and other enemies, foreign as well as domestic.

And it’s extremely well-protected:

The four presently existing vintage HH-60U helicopters at the conglomerate facility will be more than sufficient to take care of any human intrusion:

Anyone or any group of people who crosses the perimeter line will easily be caught and will be prosecuted.



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