No more Area 51 for these two morons – – trespassers pleaded guilty, September 16

PAHRUMP, NEVADA  (FOX 5 NEWS – September 16, 2019):

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office said two men from the Netherlands who were arrested for trespassing at the Nevada National Security Site pleaded guilty on Monday.

Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep, 21, and Ties Granzier, 20, were arrested on Sept. 10 after they were caught trespassing at Nevada National Security Site  (Nevada Test Site).   Deputies from the sheriff’s office found a car parked three miles into the site property. 

(*These two morons didn’t even know how to get to Area 51.  Instead, they made an entry from Mercury, Nevada and crossed into Nevada National Security Site (Nevada Test Site).  Area 51 is not located inside the security site.   Area 51 is located outside the far northeast corner of the site.   The Nevada National Security Site is located inside Nye County.   Area 51 is located inside Lincoln County. – – see the map at the bottom of this page)

Sweep and Granzier told deputies they knew English, and could read warning signs, but wanted to see the property, according to a video news release from the sheriff’s office.

They said they were YouTubers and consented to a search, in which deputies found cameras, a laptop, a drone and phones. Footage of the site was on the devices, authorities said.

The men also surrendered computer and camera equipment and an aerial drone that their attorneys, Adam Solinger and Michael Becker in Las Vegas, valued at about $10,000.

They were released on Sept. 12 after posting a $500 bail.

On Sept. 16, Sweep and Granzier appeared in Beatty Justice Court.  According to Nye County Sheriff’s Office, both pleaded guilty to trespassing and illegal parking, both misdemeanors.  They also face a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit trespass.

Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia said the conspiracy charge was on hold pending the “completion of the terms of the plea agreement.”

According to NCSO, Granzier and Sweep sentenced to a year in Nye County Jail, with all but 10 days suspended, on the condition they stay away from any events near or related to NNSS and that they not go within 500 yards of the site for the next year.

“If they comply with all the terms of the agreement, the gross misdemeanor conspiracy charge will be dismissed,” Arabia said.

If Sweep and Granzier do not comply, they face one year of jail time and an added gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit trespass, according to the agreement.

Sweep and Granzier were taken into custody to serve their sentence, but are expected to be released within three days if their fines and fees, totaling $4,560, are paid by early Sept. 19.

According to Arabia, the other suspended days would be converted into suspended jail time.

“It was important to us these men served jail time and pay a substantial financial penalty,” he said.  “We take this crime seriously, and people need to understand that we will not put up with this kind of nonsense.”

“We didn’t want to cause any trouble,” Granzier said in a video statement released by NCSO.  “It’s all gone a little bit out of hand, but we learned from our mistakes and it’s good to be going back home in a bit.”

Sweep added that neither he or Granzier would “not get into any trouble again.”





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