Cult of the Alien – – America’s growing sub-cultural ‘religion’


Cult of the Alien – – America’s growing sub-cultural ‘religion’  – – September 24, 2019

by Norio Hayakawa:

More than half of American adults and more than seventy-five percent of young Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life, despite any conclusive evidence for it, so far  – –  it is no different from a religious belief, at this point in time.

An unquestioning belief in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life  (despite any conclusive evidence for it, so far)  is based on faith until it is conclusively proven.

This level of belief rivals that of belief in God.

Furthermore, for many, the widespread belief that aliens have physically come to Earth is due to a number of factors including their ubiquity in modern media like The X-Files, which can influence memory, and the believability lent to that media by the search for planets that might support life.

Over the years, places such as Area 51 and Roswell have become a social, cultural and psychological phenomenon.  Not only that but they have become a good business opportunity for some.

They have become an integral part of the UFO subculture in America and the world, despite the fact that the overwhelming, vast majority in the scientific community have been skeptical when it comes to UFOs as conclusive evidence that we have been  (or are being)  visited by physical aliens in physical alien spacecraft of any kind.



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5 thoughts on “Cult of the Alien – – America’s growing sub-cultural ‘religion’

  1. There seems to be many who WANT to belive in aliens as biological, space-faring entities of benevolence and enlightenment. Few in the media seem to give serious thought to or at least openly and comfortably discuss the prospect of UFO’s and “Aliens” as being of a malevolent spiritual nature; virtual apparitions acting as emissaries of deception.

    There are some very prominent researchers who touch on such an idea, but it is not neccessarily expressed or admitted as being an extrapolation of their personal spiritual or religious beliefs, but there are a couple of exceptions.

    Certainly mankind has been afforded more historical, written reference along with archeological evidence for the existence and claims of central characters in the bible and events reported to have occurred than for say, some beings from zeta reticuli who want to save us from ourselves.

    Other than our own often-dangerous imaginations, we have nothing in the way of such reference for these would-be extraterrestrials, their origin, or purpose for their visitations, save for some oral traditions generationally passed down amongst some indigenous native tribes and a few ancient, interpretative paintings and petroglyphs.

    Thank you Norio for this thought and reflection provoking article.


  2. Notion, whereas there isn’t absolute proof about God, thee is overwhelming inference from both science and philosophy that God exists. On the other hand, belief in Alienolgy hangs by a thread, which are the 5% or so of rUFOS that indicate something is going on, but more related to paraphysical and Demonology.


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