ANCIENT ALIENS – – “ancient astronauts” crankery

(But it makes for a great entertainment)

“ANCIENT ALIENS is some of the most noxious sludge in television’s bottomless chum bucket.  Actual experts are brought in to deliver sound bites that are twisted and taken out of context while fanatics are given free reign.  Fiction is presented as fact, and real scientific research is so grossly misrepresented that I can only conclude that the program is actively lying to viewers.  To present the show as a documentary, on a non-fiction network, is a loathsome move by the History Channel spinoff.” – – Brian Switeck:

ANCIENT ALIENS is a “documentary” series on the (pseudo) History Channel which premiered in April of 2010.  The History Channel also screened a two-hour documentary of the same name in 2009.

Unsurprisingly – – given that ANCIENT ALIENS is just a rehash of ancient astronauts crankery, courtesy of Erich von Däniken  – – Däniken himself appears sweatily frequently in most episodes.

ANCIENT ALIENS now airs about every other minute, even outshining Pawn Stars in network executive love.

Re-branded as the Ancient Alien Theory, abusing the word theory in the process, von Däniken and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos set out to show how humanity achieved very little without the assistance of aliens.  While it could be more accurately be described as the Ancient Alien Hypothesis, it could be even more accurately described as the Ancient Alien Ass-pull.

The History Channel describes the “theory” as such:

According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history.  But how did this concept develop, and is there any evidence to support it?”



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