Bob Lazar, a total fraud or a reluctant disinformant?

Bob Lazar did tell a nice story.   In fact, a great story.   But the fact is that it simply remains just a story.  It appears to be a cleverly made story at that.

It is more important to ask why he had to tell his dubious and largely unsubstantiated story which seems to be persistently peddled by debonair raconteur, George Knapp, who practically made a secondary career promoting Bob Lazar’s story.

Stanton Friedman said Bob Lazar was a fraud.   Let’s look at what Friedman said:


Incredible claims have been made about Bob Lazar for years.  He supposedly is a physicist with an MS in Physics from MIT and an MS in Electronics from the California Institute of Technology.  He was a “Scientist” for Los Alamos National Laboratory, and obtained a job back-engineering UFOs at a very secret site S-4 near Area 51 in Nevada through noted Physicist, the late Dr. Edward Teller.

Supposedly he figured out how saucers work using Element 115 – – matter/anti-matter, etc.  He was able to steal a small quantity of 115 from the 500 pounds available, but this was stolen back.  There was indeed an announcement in early 2004 about the production of 4 atoms of element 115 by operating a huge European accelerator for many weeks.  It has a very short half life so there is no way to accumulate pounds of it.  He supposedly came forward with his story despite death threats because he thought the public has a right to know.  Videotapes are available with his claims.

It is all BUNK.

Not one shred of evidence has been put forth to support this story:

No diplomas, no résumés, no transcripts, no memberships in professional organizations, no papers, no pages from MIT or Caltech yearbooks.  He also mentioned, in a phone conversation with me, California State University at Northridge and Pierce Junior College – – also in the San Fernando Valley, California.  I checked all four schools.  Pierce said he had taken electronics courses in the late 1970s.  The other three schools never heard of him.

The page from the Los Alamos National Lab phone book with Lazar’s name on it clearly states that it includes employees of the DOE and outside contractor, Kirk Meyer. “K/M” follows Lazar’s name.  This proves he worked for K/M, not LANL.

I checked with LANL’s personnel department for Lazar’s name and that of an old colleague.  They found my guy, but not Lazar.

He was publicly asked when he got his MS from MIT.  He said “Let me see now, I think it was probably 1982.”  Nobody getting an MS from MIT would not know the year immediately.  He was asked to name some of his profs.  He said: “Let’s see now, Bill Duxler will remember me from the physics department at Caltech.”  I located Dr. Duxler.  He’s a Pierce Junior College physics prof, and never taught at Caltech.  Lazar was registered in one of his courses at the same time Lazar was supposedly at MIT!   Nobody who can go to MIT goes to Pierce JC, not to mention the rather long commute between LA and Cambridge, Mass.

I checked his High School in New York State.  He graduated in August, not with his class.  The only science course he took was chemistry.  He ranked 261 out of 369, which is in the bottom third.  There is no way he would have been admitted by MIT or Caltech.  An MS in Physics from MIT requires a thesis.  No such thesis exists at MIT, and he is not on a commencement list.  The notion that the government wiped his CIVILIAN records clean is absurd.  I checked with the Legal Counsel at MIT – – no way to wipe all his records clean.  The Physics department never heard of him and he is not a member of the American Physical Society.

When he declared bankruptcy in the mid 1980s for almost $300,000.00 he listed his occupation as a self-employed film processor.  With MS degrees from MIT and Caltech?  Caltech would not have accepted him for an MS program, if he already had one from MIT.

His propulsion scheme sounds good  (as do many science fiction stories),  but makes no real sense especially in view of how difficult it would be to add protons to #115.  Gravity wave amplification sounds great but what does it mean?

He could not have gotten a Compartmentalized Security clearance having operated a brothel.  His W-2 form from the Department of Naval Intelligence totals under $1000.00, at most a week’s pay for a scientist:

(CLICK TO ENLARGE ABOVE – – the original “paycheck” of Bob Lazar

You can’t get a security clearance in a week.

Scientists leave trails.  Lazar is NOT a scientist.  He couldn’t even answer scientific questions put to him.   An excellent review of Bob’s “Physics” can be seen at:

LAZAR CRTIQUE, by Dr. David L. Morgan

I should add that Bob is a bright and talented guy who operated a jet powered car, put on fireworks displays, and apparently helped physics professors working at the Los Alamos Meson accelerator facility.


But the big question is:

Was he a total fraud or a reluctant disinformant?

Please also read my old article:

The strange behavior of Bob Lazar (alleged Area 51 scientist)



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