Norio Hayakawa, an unorthodox UFO conspiratologist

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Norio Hayakawa, born in 1944, is an American activist who lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  He is currently the director of CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE CENTRAL, a citizens’ oversight committee.  He has appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast AM multiple times, and is most known for his UFOlogy investigations in and around New Mexico and the American Southwest.

Norio Hayakawa is from Yokohama, Japan, but calls New Mexico his home.  He attended Spanish classes at the University of Albuquerque, and graduated in 1970 and also did graduate studies at the University of New Mexico.

During March 1990, Norio Hayakawa led a Nippon TV crew to Dulce, New Mexico, where they interviewed the locals, including the Jicarilla Apache tribal officials, general townsfolk and ranchers, about paranormal activity in the area.

In the past, he has been associated with film maker and activist, Anthony J. Hilder.  Hayakawa and Hilder are responsible for starting the Area 51 People’s Rally in 1998.  The event was formed in protest against what was seen as the secrecy surrounding Area 51.  The second rally was held in 1999.  The rally kicked off on the 5th of June at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada.  The event began with a press conference.  There were various topics discussed which included the New World and Global Government.

Speakers at the event included Hilder, Ted Gunderson  (former FBI agent-in-charge of Los Angeles)  and Spanish speaking talk show Victor Camacho who came with a truck load of Latino listeners.  The following day a gathering of about 200 people were congregating by the signs of Groom Lake Road.  Demands were being made by Hilder and some others directed at the Area 51 authorities.  Hayakawa opened the 2000 Rally.  The event was covered by KVBC and Channel 3 (NBC) with Hilder speaking to the gathering, with Joerg Arnu fielding the reporter’s questions.


A UFO conspiratologist is not quite the same as a Ufologist or a conspiracy theorist.

A UFO conspiratologist simply studies UFO beliefs and widespread conspiratorial thoughts that seem to be prevalent in today’s UFO culture.

The word conspiratology has not been used widely in the English language.

As far as I am concerned, one of the first persons to use this word years ago was Gary Schultz of Santa Monica, my former colleague.

Here is my definition of conspiratology:

Conspiratology is a comprehensive study on the origins, the role and effects of beliefs in conspiracy theories on society.

It is a general study on why beliefs in conspiracy theories or conspiratorial worldview are deeply ingrained in the psyche of a segment of human society.

(The Newsweek Magazine made a comment a few years ago that beliefs in conspiracy theories have become as American as apple pie.)

There are many conspiracy theorists but conspiratologists seem to be few in number.

It is important to bear in mind that a conspiratologist himself may or may not necessarily subscribe to any conspiracy theory.  However, if he does, he could give an impression to the public that he does not subscribe to any particular conspiracy theory.


On Area 51:

Bob Lazar’s claims regarding Alien technology at Area 51

On Roswell:

Roswell, 1947 – – creation of a modern myth, how it all started

On Ufology in general:

Norio Hayakawa, unorthodox, “rational” Ufologist trying his best to be open-minded

And, on UFO cover-up:

I agree with Edward Snowden, There is no intentional UFO cover-up by the US government


Finally, when it comes to the topic of “Dulce”, these are the researchers I fully trust and hold in high esteem:  Edmund Gomez, Greg Valdez, Greg Bishop and Christian Lambright.

When it comes to the topic of military aviation and “Area 51”, these are the researchers I fully trust and hold in high esteem: Joerg Arnu, Peter Merlin and Ron Milione.



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