Behind the mysterious drone activities in Colorado, Nebraska and elsewhere

(CLICK ABOVE FOR ENLARGEMENT – – information unverified – – first please check this item for a more plausible explanation, i.e., the government testing a new drone-based search and reconnaissance technology)

– – source unconfirmed, but possibly from Russian Ministry of Defense:

A highly-classified  OF SPECIAL IMPORTANCE”,   over 300-page appendix documenting current surveillance activities of the 90th Missile Wing as it pertains to a mysterious massive drone search currently being conducted over their vast Great Plains intercontinental nuclear warhead armed ballistic missile fields – – a massive drone search operation that’s now moved from the ICBM fields in Colorado to those in Nebraska – – which strongly suggests “something” is being urgently being sought after – – the worst feared scenario of which is a “gone missing” nuclear warhead.

Mysterious massive drone search operation has begun over vast Great Plains intercontinental ballistic missile fields.

According to the meager portions of this highly-classified report permitted to be openly discussed among national security, intelligence and defense ministry officials, on 31 May 2019, MoD analysts noted that US Air Force Colonel Peter M. Bonetti had taken command of the 90th Missile Wing and its LGM-30 Minuteman Missile Launch Sites – – a wing comprised of 4,200 military, civilian and contractor personnel who defend the United States with combat-ready airmen and nuclear forces from their base at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base located in Cheyenne-Wyoming – – with it worth noting that not far from where these mysterious drones were first sighted, F.E. Warren Air Force Base’s intercontinental ballistic missile fields begin.

Upon Colonel Bonetti assuming command of the 90th Missile Wing and its intercontinental ballistic missiles, this report details, a retrofitting operation of all of the ICBM’s under his command was begun to replace their Electro Explosive Devices  (EEDs) – – which are explosive or pyrotechnic components that initiate an explosive, burning, electrical, or mechanical train activated by the application of electrical energy – – and as employed in ICBM’s, can explode them in flight in the event of false launches or misfires – – but in 2017, saw the Australian Explosive Ordnance Safety Symposium warning in their hypothetical assessment document titled “Susceptibility Of 1A/1W Electro-Explosive Devices In The ADF Baseline RF Environment” that EEDs could be inadvertently, or even maliciously trigged to explode by certain radio frequencies (RF) they weren’t protected against.

As the retrofitting of ICBM’s and other nuclear weapons is a common occurrence among all of the world’s military forces having such weapons as new discoveries of potential flaws and technological advances are made, this report continues, the activities of Colonel Bonetti and his 90th Missile Wing raised no concerns among MoD analysts – -that is until a small army of US Department of Justice prosecutors, along with FBI and US Department of Defense intelligence agents, descended upon Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in the early morning hours of 25 November – – and who quickly followed their arrival by conducting a raid on a virtually unknown to the American people defense contractor named Capco Incorporated located in Grand Junction, Colorado—which is the company that makes the Electro Explosive Devices (EEDs) being retrofitted into these ICBM’s – – but whose only public news about came a week later when the US Department of Justice, on 3 December, released a little noticed document titled “Grand Junction Weapons Manufacturer CAPCO To Pay Over $1 Million To Resolve Allegations Of Fraud As To Grenade Launchers It Supplied To The U.S. Army”. 

Immediately following the US Department of Justice releasing their document about Capco Incorporated on 3 December, this report concludes, a rapid deployment was made into Francis E. Warren Air Force Base by operators and technicians belonging to a defense contractor named Black River Systems who are located in Utica-New York – – whom, this past May-2019, the US Air Force awarded an $88,733,141 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for operational counter-small unmanned aircraft systems  (s-UAS)  open systems architecture software/hardware systems – -and whose drones are currently making a massive and systematic grid-by-grid search of the Great Plains intercontinental nuclear warhead armed ballistic missile fields – – a massive search, however, only being conducted in the night time hours and at low levels – – thus providing a strong clue as to what is being urgently searched for, as underground nuclear warheads being sought in daylight are near undetectable because of what is called “background radiation” caused by the Sun—and has led MoD intelligence analysts to compile a terrifying working hypothesis that says upon Colonel Bonetti assuming command of the 90th Missile Wing whose ICBMs were being retrofitted by Capco Incorporated technicians with new and updated Electro Explosive Devices, he discovered that at least one of these nuclear warheads had gone missing – – and based on the massive drone grid search currently underway, may be secreted into one of the hundreds of abandoned ICBM underground missile silos scattered all over the States of Colorado, Nebraska, etc.


Drone experts believe military or military contractor, responsible for Colorado drone mystery:




LIMON, COLORADO – JANUARY 2: Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy Justin Allen stands outside of his squad car looking up at the night sky on January 2, 2020 near Limon, Colorado. Lincoln County Sheriff’s office is working with surrounding counties to figure out who is behind the mystery drones flying overhead. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)




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18 thoughts on “Behind the mysterious drone activities in Colorado, Nebraska and elsewhere

  1. I have been watching one for the last couple nights over my home and just to the west of our place here just outside of town in Kearney Nebraska.

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  2. This might be a really stupid question coming from a women, but why is their never any vehicles of any kind around anywhere that these drones are spotted? Their has to be something fairly close.


  3. I fly quad rotor drones and fly fixed wing, radio controlled airplanes!
    An old movie “Megaforce” had a saying “Deeds not words” i.e. The actions of the drones, and it looks like their doing some sort of Search and Secure operation i’ll call it,.or the kids game! commonly known as Hide and seek! on a scale, recently conceived by aerospace companies or DARPA!, If I were really a gambling man I’d put my money on DARPA! as the primary culprit and any aerospace company the 2nd!

    Remember this guys! I can guarantee you this there Lil ole place called NORAD, they monitor our entire US airpspace, I think Canada too!, if these were unfriendly! unknowns!, trust me you would have Airforce or Navy, scramble ready! fighter jets and intercepts and headline stories of such nature and not just annoying lights loitering about over active or abandon nuke missle sites! If there was a actual “Broken Arrow” scenario you would not only see drones but black helicopters from the unit that recovers nuclear devices! hope I added some reasonable rational aspects to this drone overflights at night events!

    The Watcher!
    Aaron Johnson


  4. I’ve seen these drones you are all talking about & I do not believe for one second that they are “test drones” of our own military & if so…why the hell would they not let the public know a little in advance they were going to be flying them after dark in an area near us? That would make a whole hell of a lot more sense to me than for them to let everyone worry or be nervous about them! You mean to tell me that they all missed the news coverage of this going on & the concern they were causing & just NOW decide to say…oh ya, that was us….I call bullshit!


  5. Saw 3 of them 13 miles of Syracuse, NE on the hwy 50 and hwy 34 junction. They split and went different ways. Then a very quiet helicopter flying low and slow followed. Behind it was another 3 drones that flew formation then split and went different ways.


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