Is the government testing a new drone-based search and reconnaissance technology?

LIMON, COLORADO – JANUARY 2:  Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy Justin Allen stands outside of his squad car looking up at the night sky on January 2, 2020 near Limon, Colorado. Lincoln County Sheriff’s office is working with surrounding counties to figure out who is behind the mystery drones flying overhead. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)

by George Lauby, North Platte BULLTETIN – – January 5, 2020:


According to two theories that seem to make the most sense, the drones  (that are appearing nightly in Colorado, Nebraska and elsewhere)  belong to a government contractor.

One theory says the drones are searching for a missing nuclear warhead from underground missile silos that are in the area.  That theory comes from a memo from the Russia’s Ministry of Defence, making it suspect, although it cites some potentially credible sources, as reported last in the following article:

Behind the mysterious drone activities in Colorado, Nebraska and elsewhere

But perhaps the most credible theory is that the U.S. government is testing new search/reconnaissance technology.  Under the theory, a target item is placed in a large search area during the day, and that evening, drones go out to find it.

That comes from Dan Carlson of Gurley, Nebraska, which is north of Sidney.  Carlson says he is a meteorologist, storm chaser, and former pilot with lapsed Department of Homeland Security clearance who’s seen some interesting stuff in the skies and on military bases during his career.

Carlson said he followed a drone the night of January 4 in Cheyenne County in western Nebraska.  He said its estimated altitude was 800 ft to 1,000 ft., and its speed varied from hovering to 60 mph.

“Karen and I successfully chased an unmanned aerial vehicle through rural Cheyenne County last evening…. Later I received pics from a photographer showing a V-shaped formation of other UAVs on a similar course several miles ahead of the one I pursued,” he said on a Facebook post.

Carlson suspects two types of drones are involved.  He said a formation of “scanningUAVs might go out to “paint” an area, looking for the target.  Other UAVs might follow at lower altitude to check the findings of the scanning drones.

“Once the target has a positive ID, it would be retrieved by a ground team in the area,” and moved to a new location for the next test, he said.




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